Open convocatory! INCAE Entrepreneurs Award 2023 seeks the Best Latin American Entrepreneurs

24 2023 August

  • 80 spaces will be enabled for free high-level training aimed at enterprises.
  • Technology-based Startups and SMEs with innovative projects participate.

The INCAE Entrepreneurship Center together with INCAE Business School is proud to announce the opening of the application period for the INCAE Entrepreneurs Award (IEA) 2023. The initiative that for 7 years has sought to support and train Latin American entrepreneurs who are transforming the region with their innovations and creativity.

Skills that artificial intelligence cannot replace

17 2023 August

What will happen in a few years with artificial intelligence? Will he replace you at your job? How can you keep up to date in the midst of so many changes?

With the appearance of Chat GPT and other artificial intelligence tools, many fears also arose among professionals who could see them as a threat to their jobs. Although technology is transforming everything, there are human skills that can never be replaced and that are key to the world of work.

Digital talent: leaders in high demand in Latin America

09 2023 August

If you are one of those who no longer see technology as just a support tool for companies, but rather as a strategic weapon, this article is for you.

In a world driven by technology and digital transformation, the job market is experiencing a growing demand for professionals who possess strong digital skills. However, Latin America has a demand to cover: the shortage of digital talent in the region is almost 50%, according to the study “IT Talent: STEM Competitiveness in Latin America”