Health at INCAE

31 July 2023

During the month of July, INCAE's Health area carried out various activities:

Wellness III Challenge

The registration process and the measurements of the participants for this new edition were carried out, good luck to all the participants!

ChatGPT and the Case Method

31 July 2023

No. 22, July-August 2023.

Before each class, the professor asked students to submit short answers to questions about the case of the day. He generally received cursory responses until this year, when the quality took a surprising leap. The reason: ChatGPT, the OpenAI product capable of passing law exams and is already turning to higher education. To ban generative AI in classes or not? asks the headline of El Financiero (Costa Rica).

5 invaluable reasons to study an MBA face-to-face

20 July 2023

Standing out, making a difference and generating a positive impact are challenges that require exceptional skills, strategic vision and leadership. And this is where a Master of Business Administration (MBA) comes into play.

With the wide range of virtual programs, you are probably wondering: Is it worth spending an intensive period to study it in person? Although it depends on your profile and what you want to achieve, here we want to give you 5 reasons to opt for a face-to-face path to boost your professional career.

How to choose the best MBA to boost your career? Everything you should take into account for your choice

20 July 2023

We know you are in a dilemma: What should be considered to choose the best MBA? Here we tell you some important criteria that you should take into account when choosing the Master in Business Administration that best suits you.

Although the offer of programs is very wide and the choice can overwhelm you, the first thing you should take into account is that each professional has specific needs that will determine which is the best MBA according to your professional profile. That is why we give you some recommendations: