Meet the INCAE Entrepreneurship Center

May 31 2023

At the Entrepreneurship Center we continue to innovate with academic programs, alliances, and strategic efforts as part of our mission to support the development of entrepreneurship in the region.

Go ahead with business training

The Entrepreneurship Center provided support to CELIS in the EMPRO Guatemala Program, where the Center designed three personalized virtual acceleration programs for the participating women entrepreneurs. 

When in doubt, follow the “WAC” method

May 30 2023

No. 21, May-June 2023. 

Something unexpected happened to me at a hematologist's office the other day. I wanted to know if it was really necessary to undergo a bone marrow biopsy—an “uncomfortable” procedure according to some doctors—for mild anemia. Instead of giving me an explanation loaded with medical terminology, he gave me an analysis of decisional forks and possible consequences that reminded me of the decision trees I had studied in the MBA.