Does your company have the components to become one of the Best?

February 09 2024
Institutional comunication

Deloitte, Grupo Promerica and INCAE Business School invite companies in the region to be part of the fourth edition of Best Central American Companies.

Best Companies is a global initiative of Deloitte that, since 2021, has been promoted in Central America together with Grupo Promerica and INCAE Business School. In addition to awarding a distinction to the most outstanding companies in their management and financial performance, this program, with a presence in 45 countries around the world, offers free advice and feedback to all companies that complete the process, on how to improve their business practices. and enhance its growth.

Although the primary purpose for a company is to generate income, jobs and profits, talking about excellence implies much more: a real focus on customers, efficiency in operation, a culture of continuous improvement, obtaining and developing the best talent, and making today what is necessary to exist tomorrow...This is what we look for in Best Companies,” says Pilar Ruiz de Chávez, Partner of Best Companies in Latin America at Deloitte Spanish Latin America.

What companies can participate?

To participate in the fourth edition of MECA, companies must register before April 20 in the Web page: There is no cost to participate in any of the stages of the program, and for this, companies must only meet the following requirements:

  • Being a private company, mostly with capital from the region
  • Have annual sales between US$3 to US$70 million dollars
  • Have a minimum operation of 5 years and profits in at least 2 of them
  • Submit audited financial statements for the last 3 years 
  • Be willing to share information on your strategy and results to obtain a comprehensive diagnosis that contributes to the company's decision-making.

Since its creation in 2021, the MECA program has been a driving force for companies in the region, providing multiple benefits not only to the participating organizations, but also to the economies of the countries where they operate, through a process of continuous improvement , search for excellence and learning. As Grupo Promerica, we are proud to be part of this program that is aligned with our mission of promoting a relationship bank that works for the communities where we serve,” says Ramiro Ortiz Gurdian, Executive Director of Grupo Promerica.

The selection process of the Best Companies consists of an analysis and evaluation of corporate practices, as well as the results documented by the participating companies, taking as reference the Deloitte Value Map (ValueMapTM), whose methodology, the result of thirty years of experience of the program worldwide, demonstrates how a company generates “value” and what actions they must take to improve their results through five drivers: 

  1. sales growth
  2. Operating margin
  3. Asset management
  4. Strengths and external factors
  5. Talent and sustainability

The MECA program promotes administrative, strategic and sustainable excellence in participating companies, promoting networking and offering opportunities for business advancement. We extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of INCAE and colleagues, encouraging you to sign up and take the initiative. This program provides great value, insights and learning to strengthen the future of companies and their teams. We look forward to seeing you at MECA!" says Bernard Kilian, Dean of Faculty and Director of Residential Masters at INCAE Business School.

All companies that complete the process, even those that are not recognized, receive a completely free feedback report prepared by multidisciplinary experts from Deloitte, which presents a comprehensive and totally confidential diagnosis, in which companies can identify their main strengths. and areas of opportunity, accessing recommendations on practices of excellence and continuous improvement. 

Throughout 3 editions, we have delivered more than 100 reports free of charge to companies in the region. Our commitment as a program is to provide this tool to companies, to enhance their growth through our methodology and a unique process, which gives them a comprehensive vision of their business and a regional comparison. All of these are essential components in the formula of excellence and success for all organizations,” says Diana Espinoza, Leader of Best Central American Companies.