INCAE Business School analyzes the economic future of Latin America in a successful talk with leaders from Panama

31 de Enero 2024
Trinidad Alvarez F.
  • Activities Celebrated in Front of Members of the Banking Association of Panama and in the SEM Business Guild
  • INCAE's New Executive Center Will Begin Operations in April 2024

As part of the activities to present the new Executive Center in Panama, INCAE Business School organized the conference "The economy in Latin America in 2024: opportunities and risks". Taught by the director of CLACDS/INCAE, Ronald Arce, the event took place on January 25 before the Banking Association of Panama and on January 26 before the SEM Business Guild, with outstanding participation in both instances.

From left to right: Carlos Troesh, Executive Vice President of MMG Bank and former President of ABP; Otto Wolfschoon Jr, Executive VP of Global Bank and former President of ABP; Raúl Guizado, President of ABP and VP of Compliance at Banco General; Ronald Arce, director of CLACDS/INCAE; Eyda Varela, director of Corporate Relations in Panama at INCAE; and Carlos Berguido, Executive Director of ABP

At the conference, the current economic situation in Latin America was delved into, supported by data from renowned international sources. Among the perspectives addressed, it was highlighted that the region is experiencing one of the lowest economic growth, according to various analysis sources.
The possibility of promoting development through the reconfiguration of global value chains, as well as through the energy transition, was emphasized. However, to capitalize on these opportunities, it is imperative that Latin American countries strengthen the investment climate, both locally and internationally. This implies the implementation of policies that promote macroeconomic stability, the mobility of products, services and capital, along with the crucial need to have a functional institutional system that guarantees legal security.

Tony Roldán, President and Executive Director of Gremio de Empresas SEM; Eyda Varela, director of Corporate Relations in Panama at INCAE; and Ronald Arce, director of CLACDS/INCAE.

It is essential to highlight that strengthening the investment climate must go hand in hand with the development of human capital. The conversation concluded by addressing the long-term challenges we face globally, such as demographic, climate and technological changes.
The director of CLACDS/INCAE, Ronald Arce, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to exchange ideas with Panama's banking leaders, recognizing that these meetings provide an invaluable understanding of the diverse perspectives on how to promote development in our countries.

Additionally, at the conclusion of the conference, the history and impact of INCAE over the last 60 years was presented and details were shared about the new Executive Center in Panama, located in the East Coast Business Park. The Executive MBA, the Center's first program, will begin in April 2024, followed by the Senior Management Program (PAG), and the Financial Strategy and Advanced Finance programs in August.

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