Digital CV Book, the tool to connect with Incaísta talent

December 07 2023
Career Development & Alumni Experience

*Through this website, companies interested in hiring Incaísta talent will have the professional profile of the new generations of graduates available.

From the Career Development & Alumni Experience (CD&AE) department of INCAE, the Digital CV Book with the profiles of professionals who are about to graduate and take on new challenges in the world of work. The profiles of each program are available on the Alumni website and can be accessed in a very simple way.

The website is divided into three spaces, one column where the future graduates of the Master in Business Administration (MBA) are, another space dedicated to the Master in Analytics, Innovation and Technology (MAIT) program and the third with the GLOBAL MBA. At the moment only the MBA and MAIT profiles are available, but in the coming weeks all three programs will be available.

How to access the CV Book?

To enter the digital CV Book it is very simple, you just have to write in the browser, this will direct you to a small form and then you will have access to the profiles of the Incaists, each of them divided by country.

Adriana Segura, coordinator of corporate alliances for Alumni, highlighted that the objective of this digital space is that companies and organizations that are interested in hiring Incaísta talent have a better experience when carrying out the selection processes, because they will find a segmentation by country and in each profile there is the CV of the future graduate, the LinkedIn profile; general data such as email, cell phone, areas of experience, among others.

“For almost 60 years, INCAE has left a mark in the region thanks to the professionals who graduate from our salons. This legacy has created an excellent relationship with multiple companies in different countries, allowing our Incaísta talent to stand out in the best companies,” Adriana highlighted.

For more personalized support in personnel selection processes, companies and organizations can also write to: .