For the third consecutive year, Deloitte, Grupo Promerica and INCAE Business School recognize the Best Central American Companies.

November 17 2023
Institutional comunication
  • In Guatemala, on November 16, the third edition of Best Central American Companies (MECA) concluded, a program that seeks to empower medium-sized companies in the region and contribute to their transformation, growth and expansion in the national and international market.

This 2023, the global “Best Managed Companies” program celebrates 30 years since its creation in Canada, reaching an expansion to 45 countries, where since 2021 it has had a presence in the region with the objective of leading the way and recognizing the Best Central American Companies.

MECA reaches 7 Central American countries, in alliance with Deloitte, Grupo Promerica and INCAE Business School, which share a vision and commitment to contribute to the growth of companies through this program, which consists of a meticulous review process of the corporate practices of the participating companies, through the formation of a business case and an exhaustive evaluation carried out by a Technical Committee resident at Deloitte.

This edition resulted in 134 registered companies; Of them, 81 continued to the documentation phase, in which they worked on their business case under the program's methodology, based on the 5 drivers of the Deloitte Value Map and its 36 management dimensions. Throughout this stage, the companies were advised by a group of expert coaches from the three promoting institutions. Fifty-three organizations concluded their business case and were evaluated, 66% of them being family businesses.

Learn about the program process:

“At Deloitte we know that success is built with persistence and over time. That is why, year after year, we are more than pleased to launch each edition of MECA, as it is the way we help medium-sized companies grow. In this third edition, 25 companies in the region have been recognized as the Best and will continue to receive the business support they require to continue growing, reinforcing Deloitte's role in this program that seeks to generate impacts that transcend. Carla Coghi, Managing Partner of Central America and the Dominican Republic at Deloitte.

This rigorous process resulted in the distinction of 25 organizations in the 7 countries of the region, adding recognized companies in Panama and the Dominican Republic to the program for the first time. These companies, listed below in alphabetical order, together generate more than 6,000 jobs:

"Grupo Promerica seeks, through MECA, to enhance the strengths of companies in the region and encourage them to achieve the business quality that the complex modern world requires. On this occasion, we are pleased that all the countries where it is developed The program has at least one award-winning company. It should be noted that more than half of these companies have previously participated, which reflects the use of the continuity of the program and the application of good practices in their operations. I extend my congratulations to all the companies. participating companies, especially those recognized as Best Central American Companies and we urge them to continue participating.”  Edgar Bran, President of Banco Promerica Guatemala.

To celebrate the recognition of these 25 companies, their directors, along with distinguished personalities from the promoting institutions, attended a series of events held in the city of Antigua Guatemala, in which, in addition to receiving the award as part of the Best Companies Central Americans, participated in a symposium that included a keynote talk by INCAE Business School, whose central axis was digital transformation, followed by a workshop focused on strengthening corporate and business relationships, taught by Deloitte experts.

"In the heart of Central America, we have woven a tapestry of excellence, uniting the Best Companies. Our journey with MECA has been a journey of innovation, commitment and resilience. INCAE, from its role as sponsor, has witnessed how 134 organizations from 7 countries came together in this extraordinary pursuit of excellence. Today, we not only celebrate achievements, but also the unity and shared vision that has led us to this moment. A well-deserved recognition was given to 25 companies that stood out for their dedication and exceptional contribution. Let us continue to inspire, innovate and build together the future of this vibrant region.", Bernard Kilian, Dean of Faculty and Professor at INCAE Business School.

It is important to mention that all the companies that have completed this process, regardless of the result or obtaining the MECA badge, will receive a feedback report free of charge and in an absolutely confidential manner in which their main strengths are identified, both in terms of operation, competitiveness , marketing and financial viability, as well as a list of recommendations to address areas of opportunity and improve their performance. 

“Building community takes time and effort; Today, three years after starting this path, we have 25 Central American examples of how great things are done in the region; It is a bet that has paid off.”, Pilar Ruiz de Chávez, Partner of Best Companies in Latin America at Deloitte.

By being recognized as Best Central American Companies, these 25 companies become a benchmark in their industries, as well as an inspiration for other organizations throughout the region.

“We invite companies from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic to participate in the next edition of Best Central American Companies, with the aim of joining this business community of continuous improvement.”, Diana Espinoza, Leader of Best Central American Companies.

We invite companies from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic to participate in the next edition of Best Central American Companies, with the aim of joining this business community of continuous improvement. More information in: