INCAE Business School celebrates the Graduation of seven of its Master's Programs

November 12 2023
Trinidad Alvarez F.

Last Friday, November 10, INCAE Business School had the honor of celebrating the graduation ceremony of seven of its outstanding MBA and Executive Master's programs. The emotional ceremony brought together graduates, family and friends in an event full of joy and academic achievements, at the Walter Kissling Gam campus, in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

On this special occasion, a total of 152 students crossed the threshold into the next chapter of their academic and professional lives. 

Of these graduates, 38% are women, reflecting the diversity and inclusivity that characterizes INCAE. With pride, we celebrate the training of this talented group of professionals from 15 different nationalities, demonstrating the global reach of our institution.

Of this group, 72 students were also recipients of different scholarships that allowed them to be part of this select group of graduates and meet their goals.

Eng. Enrique Bolaños Abaunza, Rector of INCAE, provided emotional words of welcome, highlighting the institution's continued commitment to digital transformation. Despite the challenges, he stressed forward thinking and resilience, even after the closure of the campus in Nicaragua. Looking ahead, he excitedly announced that next year will mark INCAE's 60th anniversary.

Eng. Enrique Bolaños Abaunza, Rector of INCAE

“I want to tell you that they have closed our campus, our buildings, but they have not cut our wings, they have not extinguished our dreams and our purpose is more valid than ever. The soul of our institution lives in each of you, our students, graduates, professors, collaborators, donors and so many friends who have supported us in the almost 60 years of INCAE's history in the region. In all these years we have overcome countless challenges, and we will overcome this last one, because it is our mission that drives us to move forward and strengthen ourselves despite the adversities.” he mentioned.

Roberto Artavia Loría, President of the Board of Directors and former Rector of INCAE

The event also featured the inspiring words of the guest of honor, Dr. Roberto Artavia Loría, President of the Board of Directors and former Rector of INCAE, who urged them: “With the privilege of education, a great responsibility is simultaneously acquired that I hope you recognize and celebrate intensely today, since society counts on each and every one of you to be leaders in the necessary changes for the future. Exercise that responsibility with an enormous sense of integrity and personal and professional ethics, with a deep sense of solidarity in the face of the inequalities and injustices that still prevail, with an undying commitment to sustainability and democracy, and with the conviction that each of you “You are prepared to make a difference in those areas and industries you decide to work in.”

The ceremony also featured speeches from Salutatorians Gabriela Nicole López Quimí and Luis Diego Barrantes Ardón, and Valedictorian Jaime de Jesús Retana Solórzano, who shared their reflections on their educational journey and shared experiences.

The ceremony included the administration of the Master's Graduate Oath, an ethical commitment by graduates toward integrity and responsibility in their future professional career, by Oath Club President [name]. In addition, well-deserved recognition was given to the dedicated faculty of each program.

[Name] President of the Oath Club

Within the celebrations, the graduates of the MAE V class that commemorated its 50th anniversary participated, in 1973 there were 50 graduates of which 3 participated in the ceremony; and the class of MAE prestige of the institute, they, in a very exciting moment, repeated their graduation parade and received the certificates corresponding to their anniversaries.

Graduates who celebrated their 40th anniversary

In another emotional moment, Dean Bernard Kilian presented awards to the dedicated faculty of each program, highlighting their invaluable contributions to students' academic success. 

Dean Bernard Kilian

The culmination of the ceremony was the presentation of titles and distinctions by deans Camelia Ilie and Michele Quintano, thus closing this academic chapter and opening the doors to new opportunities for INCAE Business School graduates.

Dean Camelia Ilie

With pride in celebrating these achievements, INCAE Business School enthusiastically anticipates its next milestone: next year, the institution will celebrate its 60 years of academic excellence, consolidating itself as one of the leading business schools in Latin America.

Dean Michele Quintano

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