A family celebration to end the month of the Incaista 2023

06 2023 September
Bryan Antonio Martinez 
  • More than 500 people came to the Walter Kissling Gam campus in Costa Rica to participate in the different activities organized by the Career Development & Alumni Experience department. 

With an agenda packed with multiple activities to enjoy as a family, the closing of the Incaist Month 2023 was celebrated on the Walter Kissling Gam campus, where INCAE Business School graduates, collaborators and friends gathered on September 02 to celebrate the pride and legacy of our institution. 

The activities began at 9:00 in the morning and ended with a keynote talk by Professor Nicolás Marín. The words of welcome were given by the director of Career Development & Alumni Experience (CD&AE) Geanina Cobb, who highlighted that INCAE "It will always have its doors open for its graduates, because they are the essence of this institution and a source of pride for all the work they do as leaders in each country where they are." 

Similarly, Carla Chaves, Coordinator of Commercial Agreements for Alumni, commented that this year the activity had the participation of entrepreneurs and different businesses that offered their products. 

As part of the activities, those present enjoyed a sports morning; ecological actions, costume and mascot competition, clown shows for children, artistic presentations and a wide gastronomic offer. 

Participating business partners also offered various prizes, which were raffled off among those present, including: hotel certificates, high-quality wines, and pet care products. 

A life forming leaders

To conclude this annual celebration, there was a keynote talk "My life at INCAE" by Professor Nicolás Marín; who was one of those selected by the Alumni for the Masterminds campaign, promoted by the CD&AE department. This campaign consisted of highlighting the professors who have caused the most impact on graduates after passing through this business school. 

Before starting with the exhibition, Rector Enrique Bolaños welcomed those present in the Manuel Jiménez de la Guardia classroom and those who accompanied us virtually, where he explained that the Month of the Incaist is celebrated in August, because for that month, but In 1964, the deed for the formation of INCAE was signed. 

Professor Nicolás, who began teaching at a very young age, describes himself as a very disciplined person and passionate about what he does, transmitting knowledge. During the talk, in addition to recounting his life at INCAE and his academic contribution through collaboration in the creation of books, he also took the opportunity to thank all the students and graduates for the love they still have for him. 

At the end of the activity, the rector of INCAE, Enrique Bolaños, highlighted the importance that our Institution has caused in the region through the training of more than 19 leaders, and that Professor Nicolás Marín had the opportunity to many of these graduates. opportunity to help them in their academic formation. 

“I spoke with several students today during the activities, and they commented that all of us who have passed through these classrooms have been Nicolás's students, so without a doubt he is one of the pillars of INCAE”, finished the rector.