Skills that artificial intelligence cannot replace

Skills that artificial intelligence cannot replace

17 2023 August
Maria Fernanda Vargas Cordova

What will happen in a few years with artificial intelligence? Will he replace you at your job? How can you keep up to date in the midst of so many changes?

With the appearance of Chat GPT and other artificial intelligence tools, many fears also arose among professionals who could see them as a threat to their jobs. Although technology is transforming everything, there are human skills that can never be replaced and that are key to the world of work.

If you are one of those who is worried about what will happen in the future, we leave you with a set of skills that you can develop from now on and that there is no technology that can replace it:

  1. Empathy: Artificial intelligence has no feelings, therefore it cannot put itself in someone else's place. This skill is essential for understanding people's needs and desires, and for resolving conflicts effectively. It is also increasingly valued in the corporate world.
  2. Leadership: Leadership is a key skill to drive teams and achieve team motivation to achieve organizational results. AI lacks the insight, empathy, and judgment needed to lead and work in teams effectively. Leaders can inspire, motivate, and guide their teams, and their influence extends beyond metrics. The ability to build trusting relationships, manage conflict and empower cannot be replaced.
  3. Critical thinking: Critical thinking involves analyzing information, evaluating arguments, and discerning to make the best decisions. Although AI can analyze large amounts of data, it is still based on predefined algorithms and does not have the ability to understand complex contexts and human subtleties. 
  4. Decision making: Ethical decisions, problem solving, and risk assessment remain domains where human intervention is essential. Professionals must make decisions that consider not only objective data, but also human values ​​and implications.
  5. Creativity: The ability to come up with innovative solutions to the challenges that arise, generating original ideas, imagining realities that do not yet exist is something that until now only human beings can do. AI can process data and generate patterns, but the creative spark that leads to invention is a uniquely human quality.

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way we operate, human skills will continue to be invaluable in the future of work. Empathy, creativity, critical thinking, leadership that you can develop regardless of the corporate level you are at.

At INCAE we are experts in developing these skills. In our immersive and diverse learning environment, you prepare for a solid professional future in which you will be able to manage technological advances while using it in favor of the organization. Know the program in which you can invest to become a professional prepared to face the challenges.

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