Digital talent: leaders in high demand in Latin America

Digital talent: leaders in high demand in Latin America

09 2023 August
Maria Fernanda Vargas Cordova

If you are one of those who no longer see technology as just a support tool for companies, but rather as a strategic weapon, this article is for you.

In a world driven by technology and digital transformation, the job market is experiencing a growing demand for professionals who possess strong digital skills. However, Latin America has a demand to cover: the shortage of digital talent in the region is almost 50%, according to the study “IT Talent: STEM Competitiveness in Latin America”

Recruiters are looking for leaders capable of navigating an ever-evolving business environment and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital revolution. Here we will explore why becoming a digital talent is crucial to success in the region.

The Rise of Digital Talent in Latin America

In recent years, the Latin American region has experienced rapid growth in terms of technology adoption and business digitization. 79% of companies reveal that they have had difficulties filling their digital vacancies (IDB), which makes successful digital transformation difficult. This creates an unprecedented demand for professionals with digital skills to lead this revolution.

Let's check the figures

The demand in our region looks like this in figures:

  • Digital Employment Growth: According to Forbes magazine, Latin America has become a major force in the global tech industry, with 156% more companies looking to hire from the region, particularly for software engineering roles.

  • Investment in Technology: According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), investment in business technologies, such as cloud services, networks, storage, and professional services, is expected to grow 12% in 2023 for Latin America. . 

  • Startup Development: The startup ecosystem in Latin America is booming, attracting investment and generating opportunities. According to a CBInsights report, the region will receive $2021 billion dollars in 14.800, that is, an increase of 174% compared to the 2020 period. 


Why become a digital talent?

With the growing demand for digital talent in Latin America, these are the reasons why you should become one: 

  1. Extensive career opportunities: Digital talent is essential in every industry, from banking to healthcare to e-commerce. This means that your skills will be highly valued and you will be able to explore various areas and roles. According to the World Economic Forum's "Future of Jobs 2023" report, these are the essential technology skills that companies expect: Technological Literacy, AI and Big Data, Design and User Experience, Programming, and Networks and Cybersecurity.
  2. Innovation and Transformation: As a digital leader, you will be an agent of change and innovation in your organization. You will have the opportunity to drive digital transformation and create solutions that impact different areas of the company.
  3. Continuous learning: The digital world is constantly evolving, which means you will never stop learning. This will keep you engaged and in constant professional growth. He Master in Analytics, Innovation & Technology, It allows you to have contact with leading technology organizations so you can learn from their best practices and also obtain certifications during your study period.

How to Develop your Digital Talent?

Digital skills transformation is not just for professionals with a technical background. Even if you come from a non-tech related field, you can embark on this exciting journey through education. 

INCAE, through the Master in Analytics, Innovation & Technology, prepares the next leaders of digital transformation and innovation, with an 11-month face-to-face program. This master's degree allows you to immerse yourself in the digital world at the hands of expert professors in emerging economies and new technologies, regardless of your training or previous experience.

Learn more about this mastery.

In Latin America, the demand for digital leaders is constantly increasing and opportunities abound for those willing to embrace change. The path to success in this digital age begins with the first step: becoming a digital talent.

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