Politics Club

10 July 2023
Ana Fernanda Molina

Meet the Politics Club

Name: Jorge Tirado

Profession: Transportation Engineering

Nationality: Peruvian

How did you get involved in the club and what motivated you to join?

Politics has always been an important topic of conversation in my family, constant debates, before the presidential or municipal elections in Peru they have always been very hot. Over time I learned that politics was not dealing to convince people about ideologies, or ways of thinking, if not listen to the different points of view and accept what the majority decides agrees or does not agree with personal position. This connection that my life has had with politics made the motivation to be close to politics was very high, not seeking to belong to any political party, yes not looking for my opinions on political issues to always be informed and analyzed.

Upon arriving at INCAE during the club presentation I had my first contact with the political club upon hearing the mission and democratic objectives sought in the generations, when the invitations to join the club arrived, I applied for the position of vice president, having the interview and later being accepted into the club after this when the previous generation of MAIT withdrew, they gave me the club presidency.

How do you think the club contributes to the student community at INCAE?

The club has a very important role in the student community since currently the club leads the elections of the Board of representatives and Academic Committee of the following programs:

  • Global MBA
  • MBA Latin America
  • MAIT
  • MBA Online (from Sep 23)

These elections have their regulatory basis in a document that has been prepared by Professor Luis Cuenta and the academic direction. The strict rigor of the regulation plus transparency and democracy in the elections are an important pillar that the politics club has to execute.

Once the representatives are elected, the role of the club is to support the representatives before their generation always looking for the best satisfaction, It really is a great challenge because the students come from different countries with different policies, therefore, dialogue and transparency ends up being preponderant.

How would you like to see the club evolve in the coming years? Is there any long-term goal that you would like to see the club achieve?

INCAE is a representative sample of Latin America, since each generation has 10 or 11 average nationalities. This example of multiculturalism is very enriching and at the same time challenging, since each student is a different world (at the level of opinions and experiences).

In particular, I would like the evolution of the club in the following years to be directed towards debate, a structured and democratic debate on current issues that have been occurring in the region.

The political realities of each country are complex and to some extent sensitive, many times we prefer not to talk about some issues to avoid any conflict or discussion later. However, let us remember that the future leaders of Latin America are being formed at Incae and we need to have a clear and democratic point of view on the issues that we will have to resolve later on.

By Paula Ariza