Strachan Chair: 10 years promoting philanthropy and social investment in Latin America

07 July 2023
Jose Ignacio Sanchez Gomez

On June 26, our INCAE campus in Costa Rica dressed up to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Strachan Chair of Philanthropy and Social Investment. In this emotional event, we have the participation of Harry Strachan, former rector of INCAE and founder of the chair, who together with numerous members of his family, INCAE Faculty and various friends of the institution gathered to commemorate this important event.

The day of celebration began with a tour of the campus, where the Strachan family was able to see the different facilities that the institution has, and learn about the different programs that INCAE offers. The most special moment would come when entering the library, where guests would find an exhibition of historical photographs, portraying Harry Strachan's time at the institution. 

This space allowed all attendees to share stories and laughs with valued teachers, such as Professor John Ickis, and our Rector, Enrique Bolaños.

Subsequently, through a hybrid session in the Ernesto Castegnaro classroom, Professor Andrea Prado, director of the Strachan Chair, presented the main results achieved during this decade of work.

His words resonated with all those present, highlighting the importance of continuing to promote INCAE's mission, and continue forging transforming leaders through tools such as live cases, and consulting projects within the framework of the "Management Consulting Projects (MCP)in non-profit organizations.

Finally, the celebration concluded with a meeting between the first generation of Strachan Fellows and the Strachan family. In this space, our Incaistas shared their dreams and motivations to become change agents inspired by the values ​​of INCAE and the Strachan family.

With this tenth anniversary, the Chair reaffirms its commitment to continue inspiring and transforming lives, working tirelessly to promote philanthropy and social investment as fundamental pillars of sustainable development in our Latin American region.