BAC and INCAE promote education for Guatemalans

BAC and INCAE continue to promote high-level education for Guatemalan professionals

05 July 2023
Maria Fernanda Vargas Cordova

The region's leading financial advisor, as part of its alliance with INCAE, provides constant training to its employees and access to high-level educational programs for Guatemalans. This way, BAC seeks to create an environment that promotes the development and integral well-being of people to boost their maximum potential. Recently, it reaffirmed this commitment by organizing an academic talk, with the support of INCAE, regarding Artificial Intelligence and Supply Chains.  

“In a globalized and highly competitive environment, it is essential that we stay abreast of the latest trends and technological advances that can drive our success and improve our operational efficiency. Artificial Intelligence and Supply Chains are two areas that are transforming the way we do business and provide us with exciting opportunities to optimize processes and improve our customer experience.”, pointed out Eric Campos, Country Manager of BAC Credomatic Guatemala.

BAC wants to inspire its people to reimagine banking to impact communities together in which it works, for this reason, it entered into a corporate agreement with INCAE to offer them opportunities and accompany them in their professional development. BAC collaborators and their relatives, in the first degree of consanguinity, can enjoy preferential discounts on complete master's degree programs.

With the purpose of contributing to the progress of education in Guatemala and adding value to people's lives, BAC also has open educational credit plans for all students. Guatemalan professionals who wish to fully develop themselves by opting for a master's degree at INCAE. These plans are characterized by excellent interest rates, grace periods for the financing payment, the possibility of making early capital contributions and partial credit disbursements, without the need for a guarantor, without commission for disbursement and without transfer charges for payment of INCAE. In addition, credit can be obtained for additional expenses to the payment of the master's degree depending on the selected modality. 

Once again, BAC reaffirms its commitment to contribute responsibly to the sustainable growth of the country and generate prosperity in the communities it serves through innovative, simple and agile solutions to facilitate growth opportunities and enhance the financial inclusion of all Guatemalans.

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