Technology to the rescue of entrepreneurship

09 of June 2023
  • Ingenuity is the limit in the creation of innovative processes to enhance your entrepreneurship hand in hand with technology.
  • Free applications and software are part of the current tools that are essential to optimize the resources of a company.

"In times of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge" If we are inspired by the words of Albert Einstein, in Latin America we are at the best time to apply creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship.

Although it is true, in technology as it is, the answers to the complex scenario marked by low growth in economic activity, she provides us with the tools to find new solutions to the challenges of our time. 

Finding the way in which technology and innovation can enhance your business is one of your most important tasks in a business today. 

Apps and Software boosting business

Technology and entrepreneurship are a powerful couple. To lay good foundations in that relationship, each entrepreneur is invited (or rather, obliged) to learn about at least a little of these three topics:

Artificial intelligence (AI), which can be useful in areas such as data analysis, natural language processing, and process automation. Among the free options is dialog flow, a natural language processing platform that allows developers to create chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants.

Blockchain, is a distributed ledger technology (DLT for its acronym in English). DLT refers to a combination of technologies that allow the creation of digital, secure, shared and synchronized information records, which are continuously updated, recording transactions verified by their participants, tamper-proof and, therefore, immutable, transparent and integral. 

In this line we find LACChain, an initiative led by the Innovation Laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB Lab) to promote blockchain and is recognized as one of the fourteen reference blockchain architectures worldwide. LACChain is a global alliance for the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its objective is to accelerate the enabling and adoption of blockchain technology in the region to foster innovation, reduce economic, social, gender and any other type of inequalities, promote the quality and security of jobs, promotion of financial inclusion, consumer protection and market integrity. To do this, LACChain focuses on two pillars: community and infrastructure. To know use cases and understand in more detail enter here.

Augmented Reality (AR), this type of technology overlays digital information on the real world and can be useful to entrepreneurs in areas such as advertising and marketing. vophoria- An AR development platform that allows developers to create AR applications for mobile and desktop devices.

Understanding innovations and their application in ventures is not a matter that happens overnight. Observation, research and curiosity to learn are the best motor to continue updating day by day.

Learning and undertaking is a path of valuable lessons, accompany yourself with the best, enroll in the specialized courses of the INCAE LINK Entrepreneurship Center

Solutions just a click away

Excuses died with information and communication technologies. Now an entrepreneur can investigate the trends, tastes and preferences of the target public by reading market studies on the Internet, conducting surveys with the help of tools for this purpose, or carrying out focus groups via video call.

There are so many options! And this can be a bit overwhelming at first, so the goals and objectives of the business should be the guide that draws the boundaries to avoid the temptation to get carried away by fads and lose focus. 

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