Strategic alliance of INCAE and Banco Promerica to promote the success of SMEs led by women in Honduras

May 31 2023
Mauren esquivel

May 31, 2023. With the objective of strengthening financial knowledge and preparations for the preparation of business plans and business growth, the Honduran beneficiaries of the Entrepreneurs Progresando Program (EMPRO Honduras) will receive private mentoring by executives of five national financial entities .

The main purpose of these mentoring sessions is to adequately prepare the businesswomen in their process of obtaining financing, which is often essential to carry out their growth and diversification plans. These mentorships will take place during the final phase of the program, after the participants have received training on topics such as growth and internationalization strategies, product marketing, brand management, increased productivity, financial management, competitiveness, preparation to receive financing and corporate governance, among others.

Within the framework of this collaboration, both entities will work closely to achieve the established objectives. In addition to the one-on-one mentoring, a representative from Banco Promerica will be a member of the bank's financial panel, which will take place within the framework of the business roundtables that are being organized for mid-June of this year, both in Tegucigalpa and in San Pedro Sula. In this space, the businesswomen will present their business and growth plans that they have been working on and will have the opportunity to receive feedback from the members of this panel of financial experts.

Francisco Llanes Arguello, General Manager of Banco Promerica, when signing this alliance, indicated that Banco Promerica joins this effort because it is convinced of the ability of Honduran businesswomen to lead their SMEs towards the path of success and growth, in addition, to Through the Ecobanking Program –also from CLACDS INCAE– they are together promoting sustainable and inclusive investments, so it was natural to participate in this initiative.

The EMPRO Program began in October 2022 and is administered by INCAE, being financed by the PriceSmart Foundation and Cargill. During the signing of this agreement, we had the participation of Gracia María Barahona, Manager of the EMPRO Honduras Program, and Francisco Llanes from Banco Promerica.

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