More leaders capable of transforming the region were trained at INCAE

May 12 2023
Mauren esquivel

• The 4th generation Emerging Young Leaders of Civil Society (ExCeL) Program ends

May 12, 2023. Forty-two young emerging leaders from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua are transforming the region thanks to the CLACDS/INCAE Young Emerging Leaders of Civil Society (ExCeL) Program.

In its fourth generation, this program has provided participants with the necessary tools to become agents of change and face the challenges of the future. Through webinars and training modules on strategic thinking, political economy, effective communication, ethics and leadership, among other topics, leaders have developed non-profit projects that generate impact in their countries of origin and have learned to manage teams and organizations in challenging environments.

Francisco Suazo, Nicaraguan and participant of this generation comments that “Thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired during the program, I can align my efforts to continue generating impact and increase the potential of other young people. In addition, it allowed me to create a network of contacts with younger leaders of civil society in Central America. In the long term, each of our local changes will add up to generate a great change at the regional level”.

For Odeh Samir Kafary, a Honduran, one of the skills and knowledge that he has acquired during the program and that has helped him is how to be a good leader. From knowing how to listen to people to how to negotiate to reach an agreement.

“Among the lessons learned from the Excel program have been from how to plan a good project, with its objectives, goals, knowing what my key associations are going to do, what resources I need and how to manage this, to how to be ethical and leadership, conflict resolution and good communication to be able to reach more people”, was the testimony of Fernanda Avendaño, Nicaraguan.

For Ronald Arce, Executive Director of CLACDS/INCAE, the ExCel program seeks to strengthen these social innovators so that their ideas and projects have the capacity to positively transform people's lives.

This fourth generation began in August 2022 with a series of introductory webinars on social projects, opportunity evaluation, communication, social marketing, and project management. After an exam, these leaders moved on to the first module where they were trained in topics such as strategic thinking, political economy, generating social value, and project management. These tools will enable them to set priorities, focus resources, and manage partnerships effectively. The second module focused on improving the social skills of leaders, such as effective communication, ethics and leadership, teamwork, negotiation and conflict resolution. These topics were taught by INCAE professors to strengthen the potential of young leaders in promoting change.

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