Winners of the EMPRO scholarship about to finish the classes of the Al Banco learning pillar

May 11 2023
Mauren esquivel

May 11, 2023. Provide the necessary basic knowledge about the variety of financing mechanisms, both those offered in the country and the best international practices, learn about the analyzes used by financial institutions to decide whether to approve or reject credit applications , are some of the objectives sought in this second module of the learning pillar called "To the Bank" of the Progresando Entrepreneurial Program, EMPRO Honduras.

The class sessions have been valued with the participation of local bank executives and experienced professionals in the various topics covered, from how to work on the most technical and financial elements that must be considered to prepare a financing request, to how they operate guarantee funds or the impact of macroeconomic indicators on business, among others.

We appreciate the participation of Regina Rodríguez, Vice President of Credit of Banco LAFISE, Ángel Alberto Arita-Orellana, economist, from the National Autonomous University of Honduras, Gaspar Meza, head of operations of the Department of Business Intelligence and Guarantee Funds for the Honduran Bank of Production and Housing (BANHPROVI), as well as the participation of Lucy Sauceda Executive Vice President of Commercial Banking of Banco Atlántida and Nastya Rivera- Coordinator of the BAC Women Program of Honduras.

During both modules of Al Banco, there has been the participation of two tutors, Ary Ávila and Federico Larroca, who have guided the businesswomen in their learning process, reviewing and providing feedback on their work.

The main objective of Al Banco's Training Pillar is to increase the knowledge and interest of businesswomen who lead SMEs regarding the advantages of accessing financing to accelerate their businesses, expand markets and distribution channels. In the different sessions it was confirmed that one of the main barriers to the approach and access to financing by this market segment continues to be the lack of information between actors, in this case, of businesswomen about banking and vice versa. According to Gracia M. Barahona, Manager of EMPRO Honduras, the design of the Program implicitly wanted to contribute to dissolving this limitation and, judging by the testimonies of the businesswomen about EMPRO. Gracia considers that the objective of bringing these two actors closer together and clarifying doubts has been achieved, but, above all, the businesswomen have been given the opportunity to express what they really expect from banks.

EMPRO started with its first module in October 2022, where the participants had the opportunity to take some pre-selected courses from the LEADS Women Accelerator and their respective Innovation and Finance Bootcamps, as well as courses to obtain key skills and knowledge for strengthen their businesses, expand distribution channels and open new markets.

EMPRO was developed by INCAE Business School under the Women's Business Growth initiative and has the financial support and accompaniment of Fundación PriceSmart and Cargill. Its objective is to strengthen the business knowledge of women, through a series of trainings that will contribute to the transformation and scaling of their businesses, promoting access to new markets and financing. It also has the support of national allies and Mastercard, an entity with which INCAE has joined efforts to design various training products for women in the Latin American region.

For more information you can contact Mauren Esquivel at the mail or with Gracia María Barahona, Manager of the EMPRO Honduras Program by email