Rocío de los Milagros Cabrera Fang, winner of the JJ Vallarino 2023 award

May 09 2023
  • The award was presented on April 26 to the winner, Rocío de los Milagros Cabrera Fang, Peruvian, graduate of the Global MBA 2022. 
  • Twenty-one graduates of the MBA 21, Global MBA 2022 and MAIT 2022, from nine different nationalities, participated.

“Everything that is born from a dream gives us the energy to fight tirelessly. Dreams lead us to explore our most sensitive and warrior side at the same time. My name is Rocío and I am a very courageous dreamer for whom INCAE has always been a dream.” C.With this phrase, Rocío de los Milagros Cabrera Fang from the Global MBA 2022, began her essay about her effort and pride in belonging to the great Inca family, an essay that led her to win the “JJ Vallarino Award for the best article on his experience at INCAE and his vision for the future of the institution".

This award was created by Mr. Joaquín José Vallarino, who was part of the founding process of INCAE and held the Vice-Presidency of the first INCAE Board of Directors, since 1964. Mr. JJ faithfully believed in the importance of maintaining a solid relationship between the institution and its graduate community. This award was established to be delivered annually based on the performance of the fund, wanting to promote the sharing of graduates about their experience at INCAE through an essay.

Mr. Joaquín José Vallarino participated in the award evaluation committee until he was 96 years old and now his grandson Raúl Montenegro Vallarino is part of the team that chooses the winner of this award, which makes the Inca experience visible and promotes more and more young talents. from the region can be part of this community, taking a real lesson from their time at INCAE, full of challenges, anecdotes, experiences, but above all, lessons for their lives, both personal and professional. "Considering the high participation - I am sure that my grandfather's purpose has been fulfilled, the seed sown is germinating" Raul opined.

Rocío de los Milagros Cabrera Fang is an example of breaking paradigms, of not accepting "no" for an answer, of making an effort and setting goals to achieve the dream of becoming a leader in her country, being able to set a precedent, as indicated in your essay.

Without a doubt, she represents the Inca woman who begins this transformative experience with clear goals and objectives, who are challenged from the first to the last day of her Master's program, and who therefore ends it with deep pride, satisfaction. and thanks for having had the opportunity to live this experience. “Today I continue dreaming and with a firm voice to tell my story of struggle, thus encouraging future Incaists to believe in themselves and fight for their dreams." concludes in his essay.

HERE you can read his entire essay.