Porth, a startup with a Central American stamp, enters the big leagues of innovation in Silicon Valley.

21 2023 March
marilyn.fonseca, the logistics application that was part of INCAE Labs 2022 wins, a few months later, the support of Plug and play.

Founders aim to become the control tower solution for the global Supply Chain.

Gate is an application that has the potential to change the traditional way of doing international trade. It functions as a great control tower for world trade where 92% of global shipping companies and many regional ones are integrated, as well as airlines and trucking companies. The idea of ​​this project was born from a concern of the founders to facilitate tracking and communication issues among the stakeholders of the sector.

“Our expectation is to be the best control tower solution for the Supply Chain, I was blessed to meet Gustavo the CEO & Cofounder who together with Roxana Torres the CTO have formed a great team of brilliant and committed people without whom we would not have succeeded. start this startup.” in the words of Gabriel Castillo, Co-founder of and INCAE alumni.


The future of PORTH as part of the Plug and Play portfolio

Now that it has the support of Plug and Play, the team's short-term goal is to improve the product and grow the number of users, so they are already attracting more talent to build their sales machine.

"We have a runway for 18 months, the key is to fulfill what is promised to investors and with proven results we will be able to go to the seed round, meanwhile we continue connecting with more venture capital funds preparing the way for the next round” adds Castillo.

The co-founders say that their time at INCAE Labs was key to perfecting the first version of the sales pitch and some details of the product. They highlight that it allowed them to learn about the tools to improve the reach of the platform, as well as exposure to regional investment funds with which they were able to present the project and obtain valuable feedback.

About the founders

The group of founders is made up of Gabriel Castillo and Juan Castillo, both INCAE alumni, and Gustavo Daniel Matte, current CEO of the company. The team has extensive experience in Supply Chain in Latam and has participated in more than 10 ventures in the logistics industry. Without a doubt, his passion and hard work have paid off. We hope very soon to continue communicating your new achievements.

About Plug and Play Plug

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