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Incaísta's Log: Data analytics for each decision

November 21 2022
Diego Ramos

A student of the Master in Analytics, Innovation and Technology (MAIT) is always looking for ways to incorporate data analytics into the decisions of daily life.

I belong to the INCAE women's brotherhood Athena, XNUMXth generation. The group's goal is female empowerment in a business world in which, historically, women have been a minority. 

Within the Ateneas we always try to invite to be part of the sisterhood women who live our pillars: friendship, balance and authenticity. Likewise, we look for women who are considered leaders and who seek integration among all generations of the various INCAE programs.

A month and a half after the end of our stay on the INCAE campus, it was time to invite the new MBA 2023 Ateneas. They were to guide empowerment and integration activities within their generation and provide this same feeling to future generations. 

Historically, women who represent these pillars have been invited to participate after living with them for a long time and observing these leadership characteristics. However, as part of MAIT 2023, you don't have the chance to share a lot of time with MBA 2023 on campus and, despite the fact that we would like more time to get to know the girls, we decided to open the invitation. This is where data analysis came in.

Data analysis to choose the new Athenas

A survey was carried out on the MBA 2023 generation where they were asked to mention a person whom they considered to be a leader, an inspiration, who they could turn to for personal advice or technical advice, among other characteristics. A network analysis was made with the results obtained in this survey.

Through the UCINET program and the knowledge acquired in the People and Social Network Analytics class, networks of questions were made, in order to determine how the women of the MBA 2023 were perceived by their peers. 

The key players within each network were identified, that is, people without whom the network would separate. Likewise, the centrality of degree (In degree) was evaluated to recognize women who were considered leaders, integral, inspiring, among other particularities, by most of their peers.

The top women in each category were selected, in order to invite those who had the best perception in the group of their generation. 
In this way we can welcome the new generation of Athenas.

Tanya Rocio Garcia

Tanya Rocio Garcia
San Salvador, El Salvador.
Economist with management experience in comprehensive business analysis, performance indicators. Passionate about statistics and data analysis.
Student of INCAE's Master's in Analytics, Innovation and Technology.

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