INCAE, present at the 42nd Annual Conference of the Strategic Management Society

29 2022 September
Institutional comunication
  • One GRgroup made up of Incaist professors and researchers participated in the event in London, the most important of its kind
  • the necstrategic innovation and diversity, central theme of this edition

Since its foundation in London in 1981, the Strategic Management Society (SMS) has established itself as a leading organization in the global panorama of managerial strategy, organizational leadership and the continuous improvement of business management. It currently has nearly 3 active members in the world, from more than eighty countries, including business leaders, consultants, professionals from various management branches, and academics from the best universities in the world.

Each edition of the SMS Annual Conference brings together the leading minds of organizational strategy under a common theme. On this occasion, it held its 42nd edition in London, from September 17 to 20, under the theme Innovative Strategies for an Open World. 

With approaches that ranged from the need for transparency in organizations to changes in traditional organization charts, passing through sustainability in innovation, the urgency of diversity in leadership and teams, the Annual Conference provided a diversity of perspectives, voices and and analysis of the highest level and, as an educational and research leader in the region, INCAE Business School had an outstanding participation.

The teachers Carla Fernandez, Carlos Rodriguez y Luciano Ciravegna and the researcher Rubén R. Salas, were invited to present papers in the historic British capital. On September 20, Prof. Fernandez, academic director of the MBA and Global MBA programs, as well as director of Learning Innovation, together with the researcher Rubén R. Salas, presented the paper 'Can a CDO improve innovation in a company? An empirical study on new management positions and innovation' as part of the Conference's 'Digital Technologies and Performance' session.

For his part, Dr. Carlos Rodriguez, Associate Professor at INCAE Business School in the areas of Strategy and Organizational Design, participated in the September 19 session 'Contextual Influences on Strategy and Competitive Advantages' with the paper 'The role of the firm's own experience and the experience of competitors in value chain specialization decisions.', jointly developed by a colleague from Suffolk University in Boston, USA. About his experience, Dr. Rodríguez comments: “Participating in world-class events such as the Strategic Management Society conference in London 2022 allows us not only to share our research with global experts in our areas of knowledge, but also to appreciate, first-hand, the latest trends in the area of ​​strategy and execution. strategy of academics and professionals recognized globally. It is a way of ensuring that the content of our classes incorporates the most recent innovations in our teaching fields.”

Finally, on September 20, Dr. Luciano Ciravegna, Associate Professor at INCAE Business School in the areas of Marketing and Strategy, took part remotely in the session 'Resource Management in Entrepreneurial Firms' as a member of the team that presented the paper 'Illuminating competition between family firms: Mechanisms for saving bias bifurcation', the result of a study carried out in collaboration with academics from the University of Calgary and the Complutense University of Madrid.

The 42nd Annual Conference of the Strategic Management Society represents the most renowned annual academic nucleus for the exchange of ideas, innovation, research and perspectives on the managerial and organizational environment around the world, allowing feedback between researchers and organizational leaders at the highest level. , including representatives of the most prestigious universities on a global scale. 

For INCAE Business School and its entire community, the recognition of the academic research currently carried out by our professors invited to this edition represents a pride. We send you an enthusiastic congratulations and we encourage our community to learn closely, and in depth, the research carried out and presented during said event.