June 2022 Graduation Ceremonies: An unforgettable reunion!

15 of June 2022
INCAE Business School

For the first time in almost 900 days, on June 10 and 11, 2022, INCAE Business School held its first Graduation Ceremonies in person, to the joy of those who attended them.

And this was because, during the most complicated moments of the COVID-19 pandemic and although three virtual ceremonies were held during that time, contact was lacking.

On this occasion, and with the application of all pertinent measures (such as the use of face masks and presentation of the vaccination schedule by the attendees), the events took place at 10:00 am at the Costa Rica Convention Center, which during the two days received a total of 283 graduates and their families, either in person or, in some cases, following the live broadcast from the INCAE YouTube channel.

How could it be otherwise, the theme of the ceremonies was "An unforgettable reunion”, since many of the graduates had to complete most of their studies online, without having personal contact until the end of their programs when they had the opportunity to meet in person their beloved professors, as well as their classmates and new colleagues .

Both ceremonies highlighted the invaluable support that all graduates received from their loved ones in order to complete this achievement, both in their professional careers and in their personal lives. As on previous occasions, Irene González served as master of ceremonies on both dates.

Friday June 10

The three programs that graduated that day were: 

  • Master in Business Administration (MBALA 2021-2)
  • Master in Business Administration (MBAGP 2021)
  • Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA 2021-2)

This group is made up of 147 graduates, today proud Incaists, of which 31% are women and 69% men, of 14 nationalities.

The welcome was given by the Rector Enrique Bolaños, who urged the new Incaists to feel honored to be, understanding that “belonging to a community of more than 18 graduates is correlative of a responsibility. The tools they have acquired here, the networks they have formed, will help them become leaders at all levels, for their own benefit and that of others.”

The Rector introduced a very special guest for the Incaíst community: Harry Strachan, who was the Rector of INCAE just when the construction of the campus in Costa Rica was completed, and who has stood out throughout his life for being a great entrepreneur and a committed social servant, especially with the Central American region.

Don Harry said that “purpose in life is like a rudder: it only works on a moving ship, and when you keep the ship moving, life makes the course corrections you need to make. So first, row to situations where you can generate the most value; second, always row with excellence of effort and execution, and third, enjoy your life.”

The guest of honor also spoke about adversity, which is always an opportunity to grow and reinvent yourself. "Faced in the right way -he assured-, adversity can be a blessing".

The Salutatorian, Luis Orlando Fletes Ramos, from the Master in Business Administration class, also addressed those present, who encouraged his colleagues to "always decide for ethics so that in the future they will be recognized for their actions"; and the Valedictorian, Jaime de Jesús Retana Solórzano, from the Executive Master in Business Administration class. He assured that "we have the responsibility to lead by example and to help others to develop to forge a better future for all".

A very special moment was when Dean Bernard Kilian introduced the dedicated professors of the graduate programs and read the messages that his students had prepared for them. They are the admired professors Luis Noel Alfaro, Pedro Raventós and Roy Zúñiga.

Next, the Dean of Faculty and Residential Masters Bernard Kilian and the Dean of Executive Education and Strategic Innovation, Camelia Ilie, presented the candidates of the programs to graduate. Both referred to the generous scholarships that make it possible for many students to have the opportunity to pursue their postgraduate studies at INCAE and recognized the fundamental role of the families and friends of the graduates in their efforts to complete their studies.

Some of the students received the title from an Incaist relative, which resulted in special moments for all. Later, Rector Bolaños called the graduates with Honorable and High Honorable mentions, who received recognition for their outstanding performance. 

At the end of the delivery of titles and receiving congratulations from their teachers in posts Once recorded, the graduates gladly received a surprise that INCAE had prepared for them: that each one of them would have the opportunity to take 360° videos (the famous 'Glam Cam') on a platform set up for it. They were also invited to post messages through a Padlet specially created for the occasion.

That day, the live broadcast on INCAE's YouTube channel recorded 973 views and 180 chat messages.

Saturday 11 June

That day the programs graduated:

  • Master in Analytics, Innovation and Technology (MAIT 2022)
  • Executive Master in Business Analytics and Data Management (EMA 2022)
  • Executive Master in Marketing and Digital Transformation (EMM 2022)

To the 136 graduates of 17 nationalities (33% women and 67% men), the Rector, Enrique Bolaños, said: "You who are graduating in topics related to technological changes, you have to lead the transformation that our companies, our societies and our governments need for Latin America to modernize and not have another lost decade”.

The Salutatorian of this group was Matías Ezequiel Zubiri Gaitán, who invited his colleagues to “see the glass half full that the pandemic meant.” Marcelo José Chavarría Segura served as Valedictorian, who wished “a great trip to my companions; Or rather, to my brothers and sisters, See you on the moon!”

It should be noted that, made up of 89 people, this is the first generation of the Master in Analytics, Innovation and Technology, an example of how INCAE responds to the requirements of the new reality, which emerged even before the pandemic.

Like the day before, the most awaited moment arrived when the Dean of Faculty and Residential Master's Degrees, Bernard Kilian, and the Dean of Executive Education and Strategic Innovation, Camelia Ilie, presented the candidates of the programs to graduate. 

Before, there was a grateful mention of the generous scholarships that allow the support of numerous students and the recognition by their students of the dedicated teachers: Pedro Raventós, Ramiro Casó and Roy Zúñiga.

The ceremony on Saturday 11 also offered new Incaists the opportunity to take a video on the 360° platform and post their messages on Padlet, after hearing the warm congratulations of his teachers in a video previously recorded.

The graduation ceremony on Saturday June 11 recorded a total of 738 views and 169 chat messages.

Single target

The two-day ceremonies, in which a total of 283 students from the five aforementioned programs received their degrees, actually had a single objective: to put the finishing touch to the great effort made by the 283 students who, as has been repeatedly said, had to face incredible challenges to complete their programs.

In very complex times, INCAE learned to adapt to a digital environment by leaps and bounds, and by holding these first face-to-face ceremonies, it demonstrated its resilience and its interest in continuing to contribute to the training of high-potential leaders, willing to transform lives to achieve A better future.

Congratulations to all the graduates and their loved ones!

Watch the full ceremony on Friday, June 10 here 
Watch the full ceremony on Saturday June 11 here
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