Dr. Harry Strachan was the guest of honor at the INCAE 2022 graduation ceremony

14 of June 2022
Jose Ignacio Sanchez Gomez

During the INCAE graduation ceremony held on June 10, Dr. Harry Strachan shared an emotional speech with the new graduates, who received not only congratulations for their academic achievement, but also a series of valuable life advice learned by Don Harry from his experiences in academia, business, and social service.

Some of the main messages that Don Harry expressed in his speech were:

“…The Lord's purpose for your life is like a rudder, it only works on a ship that is moving, and your job is to explore the options, discover what is feasible and best for you, and trust that God and life have something better for you, but keep your ship moving…”

“…Road toward situations where you can create the most value, and not necessarily the highest wages…”

“… Row with excellence of effort and execution…”

“…Enjoy your life, travel, and if you are not happy, it may be that the universe is suggesting you consider a change of direction…”

“…Even if you keep your boat moving and achieve social impact, it doesn't mean you're going to escape adversity; you will make mistakes, some investments will fail” ... “None of us escape adversity, but adversity is an opportunity to grow and reinvent yourself…”

In his final message to the graduates, Don Harry Strachan expressed:

“…You were born with a unique set of capabilities, you live in a unique moment in history, this gives you the potential to make a unique contribution to society…” “…Our region and our world need transformative leaders like you…”

If you want to hear the full speech, you can watch HERE

Harry strachan

Harry Strachan is an American academic, businessman, philanthropist, and investor with strong ties to the Central American region. He was Professor and Rector of INCAE, he is also a founding partner of Mesoamerica, a private equity fund that provides investment banking and strategic advisory services in Central America and Colombia. He is also a Director of the Board of Directors of the Strachan Foundation, which supports innovative social projects in the region.

Harry Strachan received a BA from Wheaton College, a JD from Harvard Law School, and a DBA from Harvard Business School..

In 2013, through the Strachan Foundation and with the support of Bain & Company, Harry Strachan promoted the creation of the Strachan Chair in Philanthropy and Social Investment, with the aim of spreading the value of responsible leadership among students and former INCAE students. Currently, the Strachan Chair is led by Professor Andrea Prado.

To learn more about its history and its work, you can see HERE