Companies and climate change: transforming business strategies

April 04 2022
Mauren esquivel

March 31, 2022. Promoting the integration of climate action by companies as a strategic element of the business, to properly manage risks and take advantage of new opportunities that arise from the transition to a resilient and low-emissions economy was the objective of this event held on March 30.

This event was held in parallel with the Global Educational Meeting for Climate Justice, where for one day 1,000 universities, colleges and think tanks came together to hold these meetings and raise awareness about climate change.

“Climate change is the greatest structural challenge of the XNUMXst century, we have had to face this pandemic, which has possibly been the greatest challenge for our generation to date, but its nature is circumstantial, we will hopefully overcome it in the short term or at the latest. in the medium term, one way or another. Climate change is a different challenge, it is a condition with no return with irreversible negative consequences if we do not take decisive action forward”, commented Octavio Martínez, Director of CLACDS/INCAE.

Many organizations have decided to take action on the global climate crisis, often as part of their social responsibility plans. However, as the risks and opportunities that climate change represents for business are better understood, a more strategic approach of alignment with the fundamental objectives of the company is evolving.   

During the event, the challenges and opportunities of climate change for business were discussed, with a panel of experts who shared the experience of their respective companies working with this strategic business vision, integrating climate change issues. 

In addition, the experience of the Community of Practice on Public-Private Coordination for Climate Action in Latin America (ArticuLAC) was shared, which seeks to promote the alignment of government and private strategies with a view to greater effectiveness in achieving the objectives of business and national and global climate goals. ArticuLac is a joint initiative of CLACDS/INCAE, Euroclima+, GIZ and LEDS LAC.

Octavio Martínez, Director of CLACDS/INCAE, Virginia Vilariño, Coordinator of the Energy and Climate Area, CEADS, Nathaly Uribe, Manager of Development and Sustainability of ECORED, José Alfredo Arce Chacón, Sustainability Coordinator of Compañía de Galletas Pozuelo DCR, participated in the event. SA, Carlos Adrianzen, Security, Environment and Sustainability Manager of UNACEM, Pablo Rojas, Regional Advisor for the EUROCLIMA+ Program, GIZ and Ana María Majano, Coordinator of the Community of Practice, LEDS LAC Platform and CLACDS/INCAE, as moderator.

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