Launch of the INCAE online MBA

MBA Online: A new way of living the INCAE experience

31 2022 March
Maria Fernanda Vargas Cordova

A space equipped with a screen for each class participant, which allows the teacher to maintain direct contact, fluid dialogue and an interactive environment, as if everyone were in the same classroom. is the new virtual experience proposed by INCAE Business School.

This month the leading business school in Latin America accepts a new challenge to respond to the technological changes that have accelerated with the pandemic with the Online MBA. It adapts to a virtual format, for the first time, the program with the longest history, “without losing academic excellence”, is the promise made by the representatives of the institute. 

This Monday, March 28, at a virtual press conference, Enrique Bolaños, rector of INCAE Business School, Bernard Kilian, Dean of the faculty, and Carla Fernández, Academic Director of the program, presented this new master's degree to the Latin American media.

About the program

El Master in Business Administration Online (Online MBA) will have 8 modules that will be taught in blended format:

  • 3 face-to-face meetings of a week of immersion at the Walter Kissling Gam campus in Costa Rica.
  • Synchronous sessions twice a week.
  • Asynchronous sessions with study resources.

Founded by Harvard Business School, the business school located in Central America, follows the case method that is characterized by this interaction with people and that has become a hallmark of education at INCAE.

Bernard Kilian emphasized during the conference that “Critical thinking is formed in dialogue, between first class teachers and students”For this reason, technology has been sought that allows this training to be maintained in a way that is more similar to face-to-face training.

According to Carla Fernández, face-to-face weeks are "fundamental to create the link between students, with teachers and with the institution", for this reason they are included to complement the INCAE experience.

Who is it for?

El Online MBA has a duration of two years and is designed for professionals who cannot devote themselves to study full time, due to different family or work responsibilities, but that “they want to advance their careers towards a managerial approach and experience a world-class business education”Fernandez reported.

INCAE has been training professionals in the Master in Business Administration for more than 50 years with a firm mission: “Actively contribute to the sustainable development of countries, through a transformative education” Enrique Bolaños highlighted. This work extends this new program to change the lives of new professionals from Latin America who cannot be part of the full-time programs.

The press conference ended with these words from the rector that highlight the importance of education at the management level: "What the region needs are good MBAs to generate wealth, create opportunities, generate jobs, generate sustainable development for all our countries".

Although the program is carried out through a different channel, it maintains the same objective and rigor that distinguishes INCAE with its face-to-face MBA. It will start in November this year. and the digital classrooms are already under construction.


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