Learn Digital Platform is now available for MSMEs in Nicaragua

03 2022 March
Mauren esquivel

March 4, 2022. On March 3, we launched the "Learn Digital" Platform, a tool developed by INCAE Business School, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Digital Country Foundation, with the objective of promoting technological adoption and development of digital skills in MSMEs in Nicaragua.

“In the midst of so much uncertainty that we are currently experiencing, something that is very clear is that the future will be increasingly digital. The competitiveness of our companies and countries will depend on their companies making rapid progress on the path to digital transformation”

Learn Digital offers information on courses, training and multimedia information, specially selected to increase digital maturity in different areas such as data and analytics, strategy and digital transformation, communications, people and organization, culture and leadership, processes, product and innovation and technologies and other digital skills

On the platform you can find more than 600 courses in Spanish, a third of them completely free, which will help Nicaraguan companies to train in the aforementioned areas and prepare for that increasingly digital future.

Last September, INCAE, IDB and Fundación País Digital launched the Digital Checkup platform, which offers MSMEs diagnostics and recommendations for their digital transformation. Both platforms have the option of interconnection, so that now Learn Digital will be able to offer each MSME the most relevant selection of courses according to their particular needs identified by Chequeo Digital.

Companies need to advance in the use of digital technologies to promote an improvement in their productivity and their results, that is why we invite all micro, small and medium-sized companies in Nicaragua to enter y and move towards that transformation.

We attach the launch link which took place on March 3, 2022.

If you want more information about the platform, you can write to Mauren Esquivel, at the email