INCAE continues its contribution to sustainable development through the Green Housing Financing course

February 08 2022
Mauren esquivel

February 8, 2022. The Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS) of INCAE through its project Ecobanking continues to strengthen the capacities of the financial sector to take advantage of the opportunities offered by sustainable finance. Through different face-to-face and online courses, more than 4 executives worldwide have been trained in topics such as environmental and social risks, development of renewable energy projects, among others.

The 100% online course "Green Housing Financing" is born from the importance of making known the new trends in the sustainable construction sector and the benefits that result for all those involved: financial institutions, real estate developers, investors, equipment suppliers and materials, government, academia and NGOs. 

During the course, the basic elements to structure a green credit product are provided, different financing mechanisms are disclosed, and international technologies and best practices are discussed. Likewise, the commercial arguments that make sustainable construction an attractive business case are deepened, presenting successful solutions from the Latin American region.

Four editions of the course have been planned for this year, the first will take place from March 21 to April 01, 2022. You can find more information in the following link or contact Mauren Esquivel by email

We also invite you to watch the webinar "Sustainable Construction, a key business opportunity for green recovery" where you can find more information on the topics covered during the course.