Collaboration between INCAE and Amazon Web Services enables Guatemalans to be trained in Digital transformation

16 2021 August
Mauren esquivel

August 16, 2021. The Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS) of INCAE Business School in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) held the virtual workshop on "Digital Transformation for the Public Sector". This workshop was delivered in three modules with “live” sessions between July and August and content “on demand” during the same period.

This collaboration aims to equip public sector leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out a successful digital transformation of public services in Guatemala.

“In the workshop, we demonstrated how the cloud enables governments to rapidly adapt and change for the benefit of their citizens, in addition to its agility, security and scalability. With the cloud, it is possible to democratize access to highly sophisticated technologies, helping government agencies to innovate in various processes, ”explained Jeffrey Kratz, general manager of AWS for the Public Sector in Latin America, Canada and the Caribbean.

We have seen more innovation in the public sector in the last ten months than in the last five years, and more growth is yet to come. It is important to note that, for many of these disruptive solutions, despite the advances in the provision of new services and facilities to the citizen, it is essential to quickly and adequately regulate the open points of the new law on public tenders and contracts if we want make this vision of a truly digital government a reality.

During the course, topics on how to redefine public value in these times of constant change were discussed, the ways in which digital technologies promote a growing intersection between information, the market, citizen behavior, service design, and how the fourth industrial revolution is reshaping operating models to modernize citizen services.

In addition, the benefits of this process were discussed, including user satisfaction, efficiency and transparency to generate greater trust from the population towards public institutions. Also, the role that new technologies can play to accelerate economic development and how governments can accompany this process was analyzed.

“The digital transformation represents an irreversible turning point for humanity. This process is much more than simple adoption of new technologies. It requires a paradigm shift in how our organizations should operate in the face of the increasingly digital preferences and needs of citizens. And our governments will have to update their visions on how to generate public value in this new digital era ”, commented Octavio Martínez, Director of CLACDS / INCAE.

The workshop was attended by more than 340 members of the public sector, who had the opportunity to interact with the experts of the live panels during the question and answer sessions, had interactive work sessions to apply what they had learned, received a certificate participation and will become part of a global support network of the AWS Institute, made up of government officials around the world.

During the course, representatives of INCAE Business School, AWS, Presidential Commission for Open and Electronic Government, Ministry of Modernization of Argentina, Administrative Department of the Presidency of Colombia, Ministry of Finance of Costa Rica, Superintendency of Companies of Colombia, Superintendency of Tax Administration of Guatemala, Constitutional Court of Guatemala, Nuvu, Cropin of India, Zipline of USA, GovChat of South Africa, and EduTech of Central America.

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