A good leader will always be in a constant learning phase

April 14 2021
Ariana alvarado

Learn why it is important that you continue your leadership education despite your current position.

Within INCAE Executive Education's wide variety of open executive programs are two academic gems that are worth describing in detail.

This is the program Leadership Management, which has two independent modules, the first being Personal and Team Leadership, and the second Organizational Change Strategiesrespectively.

This program has a strong track record in business school, with more than 35 years of history and more than 7000 certified students from 9 different countries. With a faculty of global stature, both programs have the participation of Camelia Ilie-Cardoza, Dean of Executive Education; Francisco Loscos, MBA ESADE / Global Business Partners and Academic Co-Director; Roberto Artavia, Ph.D. Harvard University Business School and Rocío Pastor, MBA Universitat International de Catalunya, among many others.

Personal and Team Leadership

How to know myself and develop myself personally? How to help develop my collaborators and direct reports? How to improve my ability to improve specific management processes? These are some of the questions that perhaps many leaders ask themselves at the moment and of which they will find answers with the first module.

The first module develops a theme that will never go out of style: how to teach leadership to leaders. The different organizations, corporations, small and medium-sized companies, multinationals and transnationals are full of talent that still lacks the necessary dose of leadership necessary to drive your own metrics and your team's goals.

The program was thought to accelerate the process of evolution of a leader, give him the necessary tools to facilitate his leadership management, teach him to self-manage and find the short way to success.

Organizational Change Strategies

For the second module, the questions will be posed in terms of how to improve organizational development strategies, internal and external communication in the digital world, attitudes and changes in virtual teams, disruptive technologies, leadership and decision-making in times of maximum uncertainty; leadership, change and communication and simulation of change and digital transformation.

Perhaps the most important thing about this second module is the fact that has always adapted to different regional and global realities over the years. This time, the program fitted in perfectly with the effects of the 2020/2021 pandemic, since as it had become customary, it focused its strength on “processes of change, crisis or conflict” at the business level, to improve results and promote a culture of innovation and growth.

Management with Leadership is open enrollment starting the first module on May 31 and the second July 5. 

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