An executive master's degree to adapt to today's challenges, INCAE's Executive MBA: Unique with a global managerial vision with local relevance

03 2021 March
Ariana alvarado

On February 4, INCAE Executive Education held a webinar with the Academic Director of our Executive MBA, Professor Esteban R. Brenes, Ph.D., in which he was also accompanied by two Incaists who graduated from this same executive master's degree. The virtual event had the purpose of analyzing the current situation, the benefits of Executive MBA and the main challenges of the region (and how to face them) as well as learning about the experience of the hand of its protagonists.

At the beginning, Professor Brenes was emphatic in saying that the Executive MBA It is a unique executive master's degree in Latin America and that although it is very intense and challenging, you only have to dedicate one week a month to it, allowing participants to continue working. And it is that, through these weekly modules taught by a Faculty formed in the most prestigious universities in the world and with classes taught on three continents, the Executive MBA offers participants the opportunity to acquire a global managerial vision with local relevance. As part of the benefits of collaborations with international universities, students also receive a certificate of participation from each of the three prestigious business schools: Babson College, ESADE Business School and Shanghai University, from the United States, Spain and China. , respectively.

The Academic Director of INCAE's Executive MBA also mentioned in our webinar that: “Critical thinking is an orientation to action, being one of the most important pillars that we intend to develop in the Executive MBA classes. In classes, more than learning tools we develop people, we will work to recognize that we must learn to lead all those who benefit from business activity. "

In the midst of the current context, where we must learn to adapt to the new reality, it was also discussed how this executive master's degree is reinvented to continue providing the same quality of teaching with synchronous online classes, teaching with three computers: one to see faces and well see body language movements, another for presentations and an iPad used as a whiteboard. Professor Esteban R. Brenes also indicated to the participants of the webinar that if circumstances permit, there will be face-to-face teaching and international travel, although synchronous online teaching (live) is here to stay. 

El networking is another of the fundamental aspects that add value to the experience of our Executive MBA, which is why Juliana, an Incaista who also accompanied us in our webinar, affirms that under the blended format (combination of online classes -live- and face-to-face), you should look for those spaces outside of class hours that allow this relationship. Even Professor Brenes comments that the key aspect in a dynamic like this is to find out what are those common interests that unite them outside the academic context.

On the other hand, Emerson, another of our Incaists, commented that he has noticed not only a change in his way of acting but also in his analysis for decision-making. He is convinced that the EMBA has caused a positive change in his life and this has been reflected in the success of the projects he has led in the company.

We invite you to learn more about Executive MBA from INCAE Business School listening to the full webinar here:

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