OUR FACULTY: Learn to lead teams towards extraordinary results

November 16 2020
Ariana alvarado

From November of this year, leaders and high-level executives will have the Executive Master in Management (EMIM) by INCAE, a master's degree "designed to provide professionals with the tools and skills necessary to face periods of change, crisis or conflict, and lead teams towards extraordinary results ”, he assures Professor Eduardo Luis Montiel, Academic Director of the program.

EMIM runs a program designed to promote entrepreneurship and the preparation of staff in new ways of doing business. In addition, it is a master's degree part-time that includes the Executive MBA # 1 in Latin America and specialized master's degrees in Business AnalyticsOperations and TechnologyFinancials, y Marketing and Digital Transformationall in collaboration with prestigious business schools in the US, Europe and Asia.  

To this is added a team of professors trained at the doctoral level in the best universities in the world, complemented by renowned businessmen and experts from the region.

One aspect to highlight about this master's degree is clearly explained by María José Pinto, production manager, Empresas Pinto de Ecuador, in a statement in which she comments “I was looking for a master's degree that would give me a more local approach, share with people from the Region and with Latin American business cases ”, here is the video with the complete statement and more information about this Master's Degree created by the best business school in Latin America: Executive Master in Management (EMIM).

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