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What the Matrix is ​​teaching us in the new normal

November 16 2020
Roberto Calvo - Senior Admissions Manager

Matrix It is a cult film that changed the paradigm of cinema and society. Some have used it to help us adapt to a future that the Matrix was able to predict, but Matrix also It can teach us a lot about digital transformation, entrepreneurship and the digital future.

Matrix create a different world. It proposes challenges and raises the question of what would happen if that world were real. But perhaps that reality is more present than ever and, in the new normal, Matrix teaches us 5 valuable lessons on generating value.

5 lessons of Matrix on digital transformation, entrepreneurship and the digital future

1. "Knowing the path is not the same as walking the path"

Or what is the same: "Knowing the territory is not the same as having the map." A map is very useful to know everything on the ground, but it is only when you step on it that you are able to really feel it.

This sentence shows us that experience is above any plan and any idea. You can be very clear about the project you want to carry out, but it is useless if you never start to start it.

Of course, Starting a project is dizzying, but the only way to make it happen is to start. And to get off to a good start, it is best to research the path, develop it, analyze it, to know how to adapt to it and learn along the way.

2. "I can show you the door, but you must go through it"

Much of the movie Matrix It consists of teaching Neo how to use his abilities, as well as the rules of the Matrix. And one of the most important lessons for Neo is that there are doors that can only be shown to you and that it is your decision to cross them or not.

The same happens in entrepreneurship with digital transformation. The doors are there, but each company has to make the decision to cross them or not depending on their capabilities, and if they want to achieve business success in the digital future.

3. "I didn't say it would be easy, just that it would be the truth."

This phrase represents the very essence of the new normal, digital transformation and any other changes that a company has to adapt to during this crisis and in the future: It's hard, but it's real

The COVID19 crisis has exposed many companies that they were not sufficiently prepared to adapt to the digital future. "We are not prepared", "we have always done things like this", "we need another way", these are very recurring phrases nowadays that only lead to failure.

Yes, the new normal is difficult, but it is the reality that we have had to live. So, as the saying goes: "Adapt or die."

4. "The matrix can't tell you who you are"

Neo had many memories when he was inside the matrix and Trinity answers him with this phrase. The same happens in the new normal and digital transformation: is a new life in which we leave behind old ways that become memories.

Many companies resist some changes because they do not know how to do things. When companies adapt to these changes, they look back and remember how they used to work and all that they have learned.

And all That learning comes from experience, taking risks and facing new challenges.

5. “This has never been done. That's why it will work ”

It's scary to do what has never been done, but having the courage to make a different decision will end up leading you down different paths.

With the changes, the doubts arrive, the "it is that we have always done it this way", the fear of accepting risks. But Only by having the courage to take risks can you surpass yourself and go further. If you always do the same thing, you will always end up with the same results.

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