TALKING ABOUT: Critical Thinking

November 09 2020
Ariana alvarado

For today's leaders, it is necessary to develop critical thinking that demands dynamic changes, challenges and challenges in environments of uncertainty and complexity. Training that allows adding professional, personal and family development is essential to generate changes that impact the organization.

Critical thinking provides managers with a vision of the future without neglecting the present, being an example for their collaborators and a great creative and positive influencer, to transform a company into a global class organization, with adaptability, agility, dynamism and flexibility in the face of to new environments.

At INCAE we contribute to training today's leaders, that is, facilitators oriented towards the achievement of established objectives and goals, who develop or improve skills such as teamwork, governance and leadership..

Through our master's degrees we seek to improve the managerial capacity to lead high-performance teams with a purpose to learn to reason, argue, present, support, validate and be better every day to get out of the comfort zone. We want managers capable of self-evaluating their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical judgments and processes in a comprehensive manner and for the benefit of their employees and the progress of their companies.

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