MBA Full-Time has a rigid protocol for students to enter the Campus in time of COVID-19

31 July 2020

INCAE today more than ever has the mission of training leaders to face the most important challenges of our region, but in that effort, we recognize the importance of providing our current students, those who are to come, and all our academic staff and administrative, an environment that complies with all the standards and protocols indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Our students interact in a highly controlled environment, in which any visitor must be previously approved, and undergo strict control with our security team: their temperature is taken, they are instructed to comply with the hygiene protocol, and requires them to use protection while on campus ”, words of Karla Sánchez Avellán, Senior Admissions Manager | Full Time Masters.

Sanchez added: “With our new students, we have already organized a one-week period of preventive isolation that ends with a Covid-19 test, which will be taken at home. Once the result is negative, our MBA students will go to the classroom, a place where the highest standards of detachment and cleanliness are met, which have guaranteed zero infections in our student community in almost five months ”.

Our student community and their families can feel confident that INCAE will continue to look after their health, while preparing them to compete in an increasingly demanding and changing market.

Our protocols are dynamic, and day by day our specialized team is in charge of proposing any modification that they consider pertinent for our integral well-being. 

Protocol for students to enter the campus in time of COVID-19. The experience in the Campus is extremely important to carry out our master's degree, since it creates the soft skills that will make the future Incaista more attractive in the labor market.

That is why at INCAE, we are making a great effort to offer the lessons in person, in order to maintain the interactions that are part of the learning methodology, among which the following stand out: interaction in shared houses and recreational areas, with groups of students. I study in my own classes. 

We are eager to welcome you to our Campus, therefore, we have defined the following protocol for the entry of new students:

When you arrive at the Campus, the following process will go through: 

  1. Entrance to the Campus and stay in quarantine for 7 days.
  2. On day # 7, all students will be tested for COVID-19.
  • If the test is negative: the quarantine is lifted, however, you will not be able to leave the Campus. 
  • If the test is positive: The quarantine is maintained and medical attention will be provided (which must be covered by each student). 

Important dates:

  • MBA Latin American Leadership

   Online module start: September 28.

   Entrance to the Campus: October 12. 

  • MBAGlobal Perspective

   Online module start: October 1st.

   Entrance to the Campus: October 26.

If you want more information about our Full-Time Masteries, you can enter here!.