You are already your personal brand! You know which one is?

24 of June 2020
Rocío Pastor

In the territory of brands, if you are one more, then you are one less. Differentiate yourself!

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all - without exception - have a personal brand. Which is yours?; Is it distinguished from others ?; Do you manage it proactively ?; With purpose?. And if so: Are you enhancing your results and opportunities?

To differentiate ourselves, in an increasingly competitive and challenging world - saturated with equals - we should manage our personal brand in the same way that large companies manage their brands. With strategy. Consciously. Deliberately. Consistently. Systematically.

The personal brand is nothing other than the synthesis of the perceptions, images and expectations that active in people when they see you, hear your name, remember you or refer to you when they are with others. Managing it strategically implies knowing yourself as others know you.

Test your personal brand with a simple exercise and at the same time powerful:

Step 1. What are your three attributes outstanding ones, that positively differentiate you and that generate value to the people with whom you interact frequently.? Write them down. You already have them?.

Step 2. Now ask yourself: do you think those three characteristics are really what they use or would use to define you ?. Whether you doubted or answered with conviction, it would be valuable if you did the following calibration.

Step 3. Go to some 10 people from your circle of trust and ask them to tell you which are your three key attributes that they value the most. Do it through an email or a WhatsApp message. Encourage them to respond quickly and honestly. When you receive the answers: check them to see how much tie with your initial listing.

Regardless of whether you get a high match or not,what does the result tell you in relation to your personal brand and the way you are making a mark, generating value, in others?

- what should you continue to do about your brand because you are doing it very well?

- What should you stop doing because it doesn't suit your personal brand?

- What new things could you start doing to further strengthen your brand?

On personal branding: consistency is key. If you aspire to the benefits of consistency, at the end of each dayAsk yourself: from 1 to 10: have I acted today, throughout the day, in accordance with the way I would like others to perceive and value me? Keep in mind that people pay more attention to what you do (or don't do) than what you say.

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