Crises bring out the best in your organization

April 30 2020
Ariana alvarado

Organizations are not exempt from undergoing renovations in times of crisis, the million dollar question is how well they can cope with them and how their employees play an important role in it, to turn a threat to the company into a business opportunity. 

According to the Deloitte report "Stronger, fitter, better: Crisis management for the resilient enterprise", about 60% of participants believe that companies are much more exposed to a crisis today than ten years ago. They also argue that they believe they have all the necessary capacities to face them, although, in many cases, they overestimate their possible impact on the company.

Given this premise, it is necessary to have professionals capable of leading teams and making the best decisions for the company and its collaborators. That is why efficient renovations for their organizations are expected from leaders. The companies of the future aspire for their managers to be able to lead based on organizational well-being. Top management must be prepared for any situation!

Learning from previous crises helps you want to improve your preparation for the future, you must train yourself and be at the professional level that your organization expects. At INCAE we train leaders with a growth and innovation mindset, focused on developing creative products and services and generating extraordinary results. Our open program Management with Leadership: Organizational Change Strategies provides the necessary tools to give a new approach to professionals; so that crises are no longer a surprise.

What does it mean to have an organizational strategy? Certainly all the top managers of a company should have a good answer for that, but this is not always the case. Therefore, one as a professional must try to be at the forefront of the knowledge and methods of the future, updated and ready for any eventuality. 

INCAE professor Rocío Pastor emphasizes in her article 'Leading in adversity': “Times of change require us to get out of our comfort zone, no matter how good our results have been so far. An extraordinary situation cannot be faced with the same skills, behaviors and attitudes that we have been displaying as leaders. You cannot achieve the best by keeping things the same, doing the same thing, in the same way ”.

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