The 10 challenges of the Human Resources area

November 29 2019
INCAE Executive Education

Becoming a vital part of the organization is the great challenge facing the Human Resources area today.

Little by little this department has ceased to be only the one that hires, pays and dismisses to be an ally of senior management; at least that is the expectation, because in reality it is not quite perceived that way.

According to the latest HR polls, made with area managers around the world and with the opinion of the rest of the functional areas of the companies, they do not give a good rating to the work they do. Even, according to a Harvard study, 93% of those involved in the business are not interested in what is done in Human Resources.

The market has the perception that this department:

  • It is the area with the "worst" rating
  • It is the area with the "least" value contribution
  • It is the area with the “least” presence in the steering committee
  • It is the “least” aspirational area in Business Schools
  • It is the "least" attractive area to pursue a professional career.

With this situation, you just have to get up, look ahead and develop strategic policies that make HR an important part of the company, as dictated by the obligations and demands of the current business.

Given this, there are 10 challenges that Human Resources professionals should set themselves to forget the words "worse" and "less". How do they have to be to achieve it ?:

  • Strategic
  • Connected to the business
  • Human Solutions Facilitators
  • Creators of "Spaces"
  • Drivers of "times"
  • Desired
  • Passionate
  • Excited and exciting
  • Inspirational
  • Aspirational

Along with these challenges, there are solutions within that work carried out in organizations that become key roles to change the perception of the department and that has been difficult to eliminate over the years:

  • Be an expert in matters related to HR instruments
  • Be a consultant in relation to the Business / People adjustment
  • Be a promoter and dynamizer in relation to Organizational Development


Excerpt from the lecture "Human Resources Management: Reinvent ourselves or die" given by Professor Francisco Loscos, Academic Director of the Senior Management Program for Human Resources.

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