"It is convenient for all of society that women gain power in business"

06 2019 August
INCAE Executive Education

The increase in women in entrepreneurial projects and in all corporate employment scales benefits society beyond the claim of the right to equality. Your contribution to the generation of wealth, and the investment of this in well-being, it is an opportunity that we could all be missing, men and women.

This is one of the conclusions of our Dean of Executive Education and Chair of the Center for Collaborative and Women's Leadership, Camelia Ilie-Cardoza, by focusing on the female potential for the generation of value and the need to promote their incorporation into business at all scales.

"Women have more social potential because their profits are invested more in education, health and well-being ”, Dr. Ilie points out about the impact generated by the wealth produced by the female force, but also recalls that the effect they have on the profitability of companies, when there is a balance in diversity, has been proven.

Before, however, there is a lot of work to do. There is a big gap in female training in business management in relation to men, leading to a high mortality rate for the projects they undertake. Many times they do it for survival and without adequate support networks to face the burdens that society imposes on the female role, factors that can be lethal.

"We must promote business training, even partially. It does not have to be all at once or the most demanding, but it is required to develop capacities equally ”, warns Professor Ilie, before pointing out the need to overcome the myths that there are certain skills in business typical of women and others typical of men. 

In general, it is necessary that we all allow the conditions for women to undertake business of high value or to join the highest positions of the corporations. These spaces are conducive to taking risks and competing with agility in the market. A high sense of purpose, creativity, tenacity and self-confidence with values ​​that great women leaders put forward.

To them you can add a robust networking, a vocation to delegate and a strategic management of power to know how to forge alliances, always knowing that this must also be learned.

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