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December 12 2018
Executive Education INCAE

November was a month to set a trend in the leadership of the region. Our campus in Costa Rica was the headquarters of the first edition of the renovated Leadership Management. After years of success, the renowned program underwent a profound transformation, with an innovative approach and incorporating a select group of professors with vast experience in relevant topics such as emotional intelligence, human talent management, communication, among others.

This edition marked a before and after in the program, incorporating current affairs and top leadership trends directly from experts such as José María Gasalla, Francisco Loscos, Héctor Martínez and Patricia Cauqui, who have led their study worldwide.

From November 19 to 24, more than 70 professionals from more than 10 countries gathered at our campus in Costa Rica from which they left with an individual personal development plan already defined. 

Women leaders in Miami

For the fifth consecutive year the Women's Executive Leadership Program brought together more than 50 women leaders in the city of Miami, who under the direction of our dean Camelia Ilie and a select group of teachers, such as Krista Walochik, Margaret Grigsby and María Eugenia Brizuela, shared about persuasion and influence, personal brand management , communication and leadership strategies, among other topics.

Also in Miami, and in parallel to WELP, the second edition of the Women's Entrepreneurship Program, aimed at women entrepreneurs or who wish to undertake a business, so that they can develop successful businesses throughout their professional careers. 

Both programs took place in a pleasant and stimulating environment, in which the exchange of experiences and knowledge was the order of the day. With these groups, the network of women leaders grows even more, who, through INCAE, share their personal visions and support each other.

Executive master's degrees are still underway

The end of the year is approaching with the consolidation of the portfolio of part-time executive masters. In November, the penultimate module of the Executive Master in Business Analytics, whose content was focused on operations management analytics and quantitative risk analysis. 

With this module, students approached the end of the program, which has taken them through the world of business analytics, from predictive statistics and database management, through marketing, cloud computing, e -Commerce and, finally, operations and risk. 

Graduates of this program will join an avid market of professionals with skills in data management and analysis, a fundamental component for the success of any company today.


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