Agility and Seven Other Urgent Keys to Future Business (Today)

November 20 2018
Executive Education INCAE

These times are so dynamic that they make real the phrase that the future is today, that the future began yesterday and perhaps we have not realized it.
It is the digital age, of hyperinformation, globality and immediacy; the era that injects the world into business high doses of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. The 'VICA' world is there whether we like it or not and it is best to face it with courage and professionals, such as those who practice extreme sports.

And how can you put that being brave and professional in business into practice? It is not easy, but it is possible if we go in parts with the elements identified by Ramiro Casó, Director of Communication and Marketing of INCAE Business School, based on the body of research and experiences of many professors and students of this business school.

Psychologist, communicator, graduate of Executive MBA and a Master's student in Business Analytics, Casó has managed to distill the eight keys to successfully face the "future". There are two key competences for each acronym of 'VICA':

Against volatility:

- Strategic vision, because a leader must be clear about the north of the journey, regardless of the circumstances.
- Resilience, because falling is easy on changing terrain. To be like bamboo, capable of bending without breaking tightly attached to its roots.

Against uncertainty:

- It seems paradoxical, but it ends up being logical: faced with a landscape with risks, it remains to take those risks, although no one can now have all the information at hand. That only happened in the past.
- Entrepreneurial mentality, knowing how to pose new problems on different scales, as Reed Hastings did with his Netflix business, which challenged great film producers and now entered our bedrooms.

Against complexity:

- Cognitive flexibility, knowing that a single area of ​​knowledge or the degree that we obtained from university 15 years ago is not enough.
- Ability to solve complex problems that come more and more frequently, hand in hand with new tools such as data management.

Against ambiguity:

- Run, run and run, avoid paralysis by analyzing the entire table of ambiguities.
- Agility, which has to do with execution. Knowing that one thing is the process and another is the goals, that the processes should generate some satisfaction but that the vital thing is to seek to get closer to the goals with the ability to hit the road.

In this way we reduce the chances of failing and throwing away our efforts and passions, and those of many around us. Progress is exponential and new challenges arise every day, but also more powerful and accessible tools that it is convenient to know how to take advantage of to compete from now on in the environment "of the future".

Otherwise the possibility of success will be more distant, as the INCAE community is clear that every day it perfects these skills through the dissemination of knowledge, experiences and networking, together with prestigious business schools abroad. 


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