Maximum objective: that there is no more talk of "female entrepreneurship"

November 08 2018
Executive Education INCAE

This is not the cruel joke of the politician who wanted to eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor. Nerd. It is about growing the entrepreneurial power of women so much until it makes no sense to talk about female empowerment, women's leadership or entrepreneurship run by that half of the world's population that receives only 2% of venture capital for investments.

This is what Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, raises when she says that "In the future there will be no female leaders, there will only be leaders." It is an ideal, yes, but that is where the great tasks begin, among which it stands out the need for more women to learn to better lead the entrepreneurial wave that already travels the continent. And thank goodness.

This is what you mean Francisco Pérez, director of the Latin American Center for Entrepreneurs at INCAE Business School, in his webinar titled "How can women be successful entrepreneurs?", starting from pure realism: we continue to be a society based on a strong patriarchal base.

“There is already an entrepreneurial impulse that runs through Latin America and a wave of empowerment of women in business and in politics. Now it is time to raise the level of tools and improve their access”Says Professor Pérez, aware that even they have fewer options than they do to create business opportunities. For example, they have four fewer hours available per day and that can take forever.

There are stimuli and impulses, but we see that Up to now, most of the women's ventures are based on immediate needs., in difficult-to-scale conditions that condemn the project to very low income limits, explains Pérez. 

The ventures have little global focus and worsen their chances of accessing financing in a habitat that, in itself, is hostile to placing money in women's projects. 

“Only 2% of companies founded by women receive venture capital, but they do better if they are a male partner. There is clearly a gigantic gap on the side of entrepreneurs and those who invest, as only 9% of investors are women in England, 11% in Europe and 20% in the United States. We need more women undertaking and investing "says the teacher.

"The key is education", warns Pérez, pointing the need for women to be educated in all fields as much as men and to reduce the gaps in STEM. Thus, some advantages that are already seen in the market could be better exploited, since women take better care of money, are more intuitive and organized, according to various studies.

It is already known that at least 75% of companies die before their third birthday, that the risk of failure is real and latent, but it is necessary to know how to manage it and reduce it with multiple tools that are at hand and have been tested at scale. big and small.

Among them, the 'Value Proposition Canvas', a model that prioritizes knowing how to guide ideas and connect them with the solution of customer problems, after knowing them like the back of your hand. 

It also goes through models like the 'Human Center Design'and resources such as the' Lean Canvas' and the different versions that can be made over time. Ideate, study, design, test, prototype, evaluate and maintain, measure and re-think whatever is necessary, cyclically.

Thus, with more tools there will be more success and more women will be inspired to undertake in a more professional way and then there will be more success. It is also a cycle, but it must be activated. 

It will be the way to approach that ideal of Sheryl Sandberg of stop talking about female leadership as a claim and make it so real until it merges into neutral verbs: undertake, lead, succeed.

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