A new part-time master's degree and constant innovation in our programs

06 2018 September
Randall Corella V.

Innovation is the word that best represents what August was for Executive Education of INCAE. During this month, we launched the Executive Master in Marketing & Digital Transformation, our new mastery Part-time specialized.

Designed under the innovative format 'blended', which combines online session modules with face-to-face sessions, and delivered in collaboration with HBX -the online division of Harvard Business School-, this new experience will provide professional leaders with the tools and skills necessary to face the changes in the digitized world in which we live.

Under the Academic Direction of Professor Juan Carlos Barahona, the program will last 10 months (14 weeks online and 6 weeks in person on the Costa Rica campus) and will begin in May 2019.

This will be the fifth executive master's degree of our outstanding Degree Programs portfolio, developed by the hand of academic partners of world prestige and that includes programs in Finance, Business Analytics and Operations and Technology.

During August we also relaunched our renowned program Leadership Management. With a history of almost three decades, from next November, the program will be provided with an innovative approach to leadership and taught by leading experts and mentors on the subject.

The creators of the latest trends in leadership and organizational transformation They will guide participants to form, develop, manage, lead and evaluate high performance teams.

The PAG arrives in the Dominican Republic

Another of the Executive Education novelties will be in the Senior Management Program-PAG. Taught for the first time in 1964, INCAE's most traditional executive training program will add a new headquarters: Dominican Republic.

After hosting our Presidents ClubLast March, the Caribbean island thus joined Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Panama as the countries in which at least one module of the PAG will be developed during 2019.

In fact, the first module of the year will take place in the Dominican Republic, from February 11 to 21. After, the remaining editions of the PAG They will be held in Costa Rica (April), Peru (June), Panama (August) and Colombia (October).

Finally, in August a new edition of our prestigious Executive MBA. The Walter Kissling Gam campus, in Costa Rica, received the 56 students -of 11 nationalities- that during the next 14 months they will live a unique learning experience in cities on three continents.

With its modular format of one week a month, the EMBA It will prepare them to face the social, economic and technological changes in business, and to develop a global perspective that allows them to expand to other markets.

The prestigious international alliances with ESADE Business School, Babson College and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, will complement that return on investment with the global vision necessary to lead the growth processes in their organizations.

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