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Know the importance of studying an MBA

22 2018 August
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Specialized training facilitates having the skills that match the profile currently requested by companies.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs continue to be the most sought after graduate level. It is not only the graduates in Business Administration studying masters in business, there are also engineers, doctors, architects and lawyers, because they have become a key factor in moving up in a profession and increasing the chances of finding a higher paying job or lay the foundations for the development of your own company.

The specialized training offered by business schools makes it easier to have skills that match the profile requested by companies. Professionals are required who quickly connect with the culture of the company and who have strengthened the technical skills of the profession, with transversal skills, such as time management, the ability to prioritize tasks, build contact networks, organizational leadership and business development.

When a professional decides to study a graduate program, they have to reflect on their future. What do you see yourself doing in the next five years? In what type of organization? And, most importantly: what knowledge and skills do you need to develop to achieve that growth in your professional career or in the generation of a new business or its growth? If you have not been able to answer these questions, we offer you 4 benefits of studying an MBA

1-Best qualification:If we talk about qualification, there are two reasons why a professional makes the decision to take an MBA: to acquire basic management and business skills and to update concepts. The first is especially for those who are just beginning to open up a field in the area; the second, from professionals with extensive experience. What group are you in? It doesn't matter: either way, you'll be better prepared.

2-Expansion of your network of contacts: The area of ​​business depends not only on training, but also on the network of contacts you make. What better place to meet new professionals with common skills and interests than an MBA program?

3-Holistic vision of the business area: It is a fairly common mistake to think that the area of ​​business only has to do with money and investments. No! Developing yourself in it is much more than that: the ability to manage resources, the management of work teams, communication, motivational strategies, types of negotiation, among others. This comprehensive conception is one of the things that is acquired by doing an MBA.

4-Leadership skills: We have mentioned entrepreneurship as one of the key skills for success in the business world. However, this is not possible if a commensurate leadership capacity has not been developed first. MBAs are, in many cases, suitable spaces to train in the various types of leadership and in the management of teams and projects. In short, the MBA helps you be a leader.

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