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Why should your personal brand matter to you?

17 July 2018
Rocío Pastor

There are those who worry about their personal brand when they feel that their career has stalled and others who do so when they realize that they are not being considered for key positions and projects in their organizations. There are also professionals who deal with the issue until they lose their job as well as entrepreneurs who start to dedicate efforts to it when the strength of their business has waned.

Don't be one of them!

Have a personal brand distinctive powerful It is something that should matter to you and it is something you should work on proactively regardless of your age, your position, your profession and the maturity, or even the current success, of your career or business.

If you are not doing it, do not wait any longer, because good management of your personal brand can boost your career, improve your employability, make your results tangible and enhance your opportunities.

In an increasingly competitive and challenging world, women must manage our brand staff in the same way that large companies manage their brands: Deliberately. Consistently. Systematically.

If you start doing it when you are in a hurry, or you have no choice, do not be surprised that the result disappoints you because, paradoxically, personal brand has to do more with what one does for others, than with what others do for you. It sounds like a tongue twister, but that's the way it is.

The personal brand is the synthesis of the perceptions, images and expectations that active in people when they see you, hear your name, remember you or refer to you when they are with others. Therefore, personal brand is both promise and fulfillment.

You cannot activate a memorable personal brand, if you have not previously left a positive footprint in the people with whom you interact in different areas, both personally and professionally.

Think about it for a moment. What do you think other people say about you when you are not there?; What adjectives do you think they use to describe you ?; Are these attributes that you identify with, do they cause you pride and - more importantly - do they positively differentiate you from your colleagues? Or, to put it another way: do they constitute a cover letter that would open doors or… close them for you?

La best key for a powerful personal brand is to be ours best version with everyone and at all times, generating value with our actions, with our attitudes, with our results. In addition, you have to know how to make it tangible. The latter is something that women, for different reasons, find it harder to do.

Being your best version is a capital that serves you today and that will drive you tomorrow. Therefore, it is worth asking yourself at the end of each day:

  • Did I generate value for others today with my deliverables, with my actions, with my words?
  • Did I give my best in meetings, in my presentations and interactions?
  • Did I honor my commitments today? Did I fulfill what I offered?
  • Did I genuinely care about other people? Did I do my best to support them?
  • Do I act, throughout the day, in the way I want to be perceived or remembered by others?
  • Or more bluntly: I was today, without a doubt, my best version? Did I do my best to get it?

By answering one or more of these questions every day, you will manage your personal brand more consciously and will be more aware of its impact: on you and on the people with whom you interact. From your coherence, depends on the strength of your personal brand. From your intention, for others, it depends how enduring it is. So: highlight your brand. Do it consciously, deliberately, systematically. And above all: do it by generating value for others.

This article originally appeared on the PROLID-BID Network. 

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