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Are you about to send your CV? Waiting!

12 July 2018
INCAE Masters

Writing a resume can cause anxiety, there are so many details to consider! You need to include specific information, say things clearly, and check about ten times before submitting. And even so, sometimes it happens that he leaves with your name misspelled. A real headache!

Therefore, we provide you with a list of those things you should review before sending it straight to a recruiter's inbox. This is what you should consider:

He is professional?

() Is your email address correct? (For instance, vs

() Is your email account a professional domain, like Gmail?

() Does your LinkedIn profile include? (Many recruiters like to read them.)

() Did you check your social media accounts to make sure they don't have inappropriate content?

Is it well written?  

() Did you write your contact information? (Name, address, email and telephone number).

() Did you personalize your CV according to the position you apply for? (Highlight those experiences and skills that are relevant to the job.)

() Did you put the quantitative achievements and responsibilities under each work experience?

() Did you include relevant information about your education?

() Did you put the references of former bosses or co-workers?

Is it formatted and designed appropriately?

() Did you choose an easy-to-read font? (Arial is a good option).

() Did you make sure that the font and format is the same throughout the entire document?

() Did you use bullet points to facilitate reading?

() Are the margins aligned?

() Did you save it in a format that can be easily opened without losing the format? (PDF is recommended).

Is it edited and polished?

() Did you summarize it to have the proper length? (More than two pages would be excessive)

() Did you eliminate the irrelevant experiences?

() Did you check that everything written is 100% real?

() Did you use the Word proofreader?

() Did you ask a friend to read it to identify errors and inconsistencies?

If you put a "check" in each box, you are ready to send your resume. However, an extra dose of caution never hurts; that's why we recommend you review these 6 frequently asked questions when making your CV. Now yes, press "send" with confidence!

This article is based on the post "How to Write a Resume: The Ultimate Checklist of Resume Tips". Photo by Corinne kutz en Unsplash

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