Leadership: 10 Seconds of Courage!

May 07 2018
Executive Education INCAE

As difficult as a relationship may be, we are only one conversation away from resolving it or starting the path to resolution. Between intelligent beings, arrangements are possible. If one of the parties is intransigent and rejects the dialogue, the other will have a serene conscience for having contributed the good sense to change a course that is clearly destructive. Trying to do so is a better alternative to resigning yourself to a tense, frustrating work environment with results that are far from the true potential of the organization.

No one is one hundred percent rigid, even though some appear to be. Everyone has the ability to reason, however imperceptible it may be in certain cases. So why not fill yourself with courage and propose an invitation to discuss what is displeasing, to acknowledge mistakes, or to apologize for bad attitudes that affect others on the team?

Take a closer look at your organization. How much would everyone earn if the people in conflict who pollute the work climate talked to each other for a few minutes? What if the person who runs the company knew what was thought of him or her? Of course, the hope is that troublemakers will have a modicum of discernment to understand that it is time to put down their shields and listen to each other. The first step is the difficult one because it requires courage, humility, self-esteem and authenticity in intention.

A single conversation can change the fate of people and relationships. Once again: The quality of the results depends on the way in which it is discussed in a company. Sir Francis Bacon, British statesman, affirmed that "the most honorable role in a conversation belongs to the one who gives the opportunity to it, and then to the one who directs it and makes it go from one topic to another." It is unusual that, sometimes, a whole conglomerate of good people condemns themselves to stagnation and demotivation because of someone who does not have the prudence to freeze their arrogance for a few minutes to listen, just listen, Caramba!

In ten seconds many things can be expressed, examples: "You and I know that our relationship is affecting us, I invite you to talk about it", "When he insults me I feel disrespected and I request objectivity when referring to my work" . "I come to express to you that I am wrong and I apologize for the consequences of my previous attitude by not talking."

Surely you have thought many times the phrase with which you would like to start a powerful conversation with a colleague, family member or team, but you have yet to dare to go through those first ten seconds. It is convenient that in their weekly meetings, the teams honestly answer this question: What do we need to talk about, yes or yes, here and now, to stay on the path of correct performance? Take the test and then congratulate yourself on your bravery.


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