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Four recommendations to position your personal brand

08 2018 March
INCAE Masters

We are all a personal brand, whether you want it or not. The way we present ourselves on social media, the perception that people have of us and what we project are shaping our brand. So the only thing left for us is to take control and shape it in our favor.

Margaret Rose Grigsby, an international consultant in brand strategy and an expert in personal branding, advises to follow these recommendations:

1. Get to know yourself: People do not know each other well enough and it is common for them to focus on what they can do and not on what they are. You can list all your university degrees, your jobs and the languages ​​you speak, but those are imitable aspects, that anyone else can have. The difficult thing is to go deeper and analyze yourself to have a critical vision of yourself.

Identify your values ​​first, since they are the axis of who you are. What do you care about and what do you identify with? Then determine the talents for which you are recognized, what you do better than most and also your passions, those ideas or things that you love.

A good tip is to ask, just as companies validate their brands with their consumers, ask those who know you to describe what you project.

2. Be consistent and consistent: It is vital that your personal brand is sustainable through time and your actions. Once you define what you want to be and project, you have to stay within that line and be authentic. Each action strengthens your brand, ask yourself if what you are going to do or if the event you are going to attend aligns with what you are trying to project.

3. Take advantage of technology: LinkedIn is essential. It should be factual, use language and tone that reflect your value proposition. For example, if you are a woman, do not put a photo with a lot of makeup if that is not your daily image or do not wear very informal clothes if you want to project an executive image. It is advisable to review the profile every two months to ensure consistency is maintained.

4. Have a filter: the more exposure, the more effort to control your image online. Remember that even before talking to a person, they have probably already Googled you and have a preview of who you are. That's how important it is to be careful!

Balance the personal and the professional. Always have a filter and, before posting and writing a comment, ask yourself if it is appropriate. A good tip is to ask yourself, "Would I care if my boss or my parents saw this?"

Strengthening your brand will give you a unique seal that distinguishes you from other professionals and it will give you exposure to position yourself as a reference professional for companies or clients. In times where job competition is so fierce, you either stand out or you go extinct.

Do not forget that the brand is built day after day, with every action and every comment, so the work is constant. Don't leave your image to chance and project yourself in the most convenient way.

Additionally, we recommend that you perform this test to assess the status of your personal brand and take corrective action.

This article is based on an interview with Margaret Grigsby, conducted by INCAE's Executive Education department and originally published in the digital version of Mercados y Trends magazine. 

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