10 common mistakes of Digital Marketing managers

February 02 2018
Serge Restrepo

Not long ago the idea of ​​a digital marketer within a company was unnecessary. However, with the growth of the population on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, the need to have a person totally dedicated to managing campaigns and efforts in the digital framework has become evident.

After more than five years advising various companies on these issues, I have managed to identify the most important flaws that these figures make in the management of web developments and social networks.

Below I list the 10 most common:

1. Not having a brief

I am convinced that this is the origin of all evil. Starting a project without being clear about the objectives to be achieved does not allow measuring the success of a digital campaign or project.

Solution: Define the guidelines by which the entire work team will be governed. Narrow down the metrics you want to get results on. Meet with the agency or providers involved and don't let there be any doubt about what you expect to receive in return.

2. Excessive interest in the number of followers

I think it is great to have hundreds of followers and it is important to focus efforts on receiving more and more likes on the page, however, obsessing over growth is a mistake.

Solution: Focus on keeping your users interested. Give them relevant information. The more their interests are responded to, the more naturally they will recommend the page to their contacts (through likes and shares) and the growth will take place organically.

3. Ask the digital agency to replicate campaigns designed for traditional media

Each channel works differently and agencies specialize in some or many of them. Allow each one to do their best and show their talents by developing in what they do best.

Solution: Having a planning in time and integration with the entire company and the traditional agency is essential to achieve consistent and innovative campaigns in all the media in which the brand is present.

4. Create tedious approval processes

Coming first in social networks is a key issue in the success of brands in that ecosystem. The immediacy factor takes a lot of force and it is preferable to ignore an approval, than to lose an important opportunity for the brand.

Solution: Learn to trust your digital equipment. Empower them, convey to them the general spirit of the company, so that it is reflected in each of the decisions they make when, proactively, they want to be timely on social networks.

5. Expect immediate results

Once in the web, always in the web.
If you took the step of having a digital presence, it is a big mistake to abandon it after a specific promotion or campaign. It is a great effort on the part of the company to recruit followers, if they are abandoned the result would be a graveyard of content and potential wasted consumers.

Solution: Create a long-term strategy. Ensure traffic to your social networks through constant efforts that demonstrate to your audience that the company thinks of them as people and not just consumers. This will create a much more sincere connection to the brand and a genuine “social word of mouth”.

6. Leave no room for advice

It's okay not to know everything in digital, we are faced with an industry that changes daily. Your digital agency's job is to keep track of the latest trends and find the best way to develop them for your brand. However, the common scenario is to occupy the team executing an idea that comes from the client without leaving much space for the proposal.

Solution: Shoemaker to his shoe. Give your digital agency the pleasure of educating you with new ideas and helping you achieve your goals with resources that differentiate you from the competition.

7. Underestimating the effort behind a digital project

Although creating accounts on social platforms is free, developing strategies around a brand and above all, keeping it consistent, involves expenses and time. Often times, the budget for web and social media is the smallest in the marketing plan and it is difficult for the digital team to bring big results to the meeting rooms.

Solution: Understand the scope of a project. Trust that your digital agency will use its budget responsibly and avoid asking for much more than your investment allows. Set goals commensurate with the money that went into developing the project.

8. Not being familiar with the digital environment

I have come to be surprised how common phrases such as "I don't have Facebook" or "I don't understand Twitter" have become among those in charge of the digital department of a company. This seems to me perhaps the most important cardinal sin and this year it must be overcome.

Solution: Using social platforms is the best way to understand and believe in the project. Have personal accounts on each of the social platforms the brand is on and understand very well the language and dynamics used in each one. Ask for training from the digital natives you talk to on a daily basis. In addition to getting the most out of your equipment, you will have a much better understanding of the implications of digital developments.

9. Forget how important it is to have a presence on mobile phones

It is a fact that most of us review our accounts from our own phones, so this is a new opportunity to place brands in that environment. However, often the largest efforts are directed at computer-visible web portals and mobile technology is neglected.

Solution: Make “mobile” one of your priorities for 2014. Remember it every time you need a digital solution for your brand. This may need to be accompanied by additional means to promote its spread, but it will be worth it. Two years ago people expected their brand to be on Facebook. This year it will seem inconceivable that it is not available for mobile.

10. Lack of investment in the right digital media

Working on differentiated content for our company's website puts us one step ahead. Doing it for social networks is to reach consumers directly. Not investing in traffic for the sites, it is a mistake.

Solution: There is an ideal medium for your campaign or promotion. Require your digital agency to propose 360 ​​strategies for each of them. With the use of advanced targeting, the right materials, and a powerful reason why, users won't have a way to ignore your ads. Every click turns into a visit to your page and the ability to turn a user into a consumer of your brand online.

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