The good business of happy employees

November 07 2017
Executive Education INCAE

What company does not have as its main focus to be competitive, more productive, to obtain more profits every year? The issue is not in resolving these great business maxims, because they have been a priority since time immemorial. In these modern times, of the technological era, of virtual interaction and of more demanding consumers and civil society, the concerns are centered on the individual, on the collaborator.

They focus on how to provide an environment in which, in addition to being motivated, identified and with the organization's “shirt” on well, is a facilitator and executor of the strategy, of best practices, creative and promoter of good ideas.

Gone are the personnel and human resources departments, now they are called "Human Development" and "Talent Management".

The most violent of 80 companies classified in the Great Place to Work® ranking coincide in that the most important asset of the organization is its people, and a good part of the actions related to the growth of the company and those linked to its audiences are oriented to them of interest, such as the community and customers.

Now CEOs, presidents and company leaders are seasoning the recipe with other ingredients beyond profits, sales, brand positioning and market expansion. They are interested in strengthening corporate values, integrity, leadership, loyalty, camaraderie, solidarity, teamwork, flexible schedules, innovation and a sense of belonging.

The trend clings to proven realities: more fluid, open and transparent communication; shared discussion of objectives, strategies and action plans; flexibility of schedules, work at home, compensation for results, periodic review of benefits and bonuses, public recognition for good practices.

The correct implementation of all these policies results in more motivated employees, better business results, long-term collaborative ties, chain efficiencies, in short, workplaces where everyone wants to belong.

The companies discovered the advantages of having decentralized organizational schemes where the leaders only draw lines and the rest - their development, execution, implementation, analysis of results and improvement process - is in charge of the different work teams.

It is a win-win: the company wins because it has higher sales, more satisfied customers, public recognition of its brands; The employee wins because good performance is recognized through additional financial compensation, internal promotion, training, a suitable work environment and stability.

Approaches present in the best work environments:

  • Open door policy, offices designed for fluid interaction and communication.
  • Turn so that the mission, vision and corporate values ​​go from posters on the wall to programs and experiential initiatives for their internalization.
  • Flexibility of schedules, focus on meeting objectives and not schedules work family balance.
  • Strategies defined and shared by all.
  • Policy of continuing recognition of academic and personal achievements, innovation and extra miles.
  • Spaces for entertainment, games, socialization and the commemoration of birthdays, titles, etc.
  • Concern for mental and physical health, through nutrition, exercise, physical conditioning programs, psychologists, company doctor.
  • Formation of diverse groups in ethnic, religious, racial, sexual and generational orientation.
  • Presence of active and positive creative assertive leaderships with the ability to listen and sensitivity

Article published in the special The best companies to work for in Central America, in the magazine Estrategia & Negocios. 

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